Home Airsoft Cheaters Into the Wild Airsoft with G&G – directors cut ;)

Into the Wild Airsoft with G&G – directors cut ;)

Into the Wild Airsoft with G&G – directors cut ;)

This forest is home to many interesting creatures. One of them is Wędrowiec. This individual is not yet aware of it, but he has just entered the territory of another fascinating species. As you might guess, the inevitable confrontation soon takes place.

The Forest Wanderer is completely surprised. For the first time in his life, he sees an Airsoft player. Amazed by the military aura of awesomeness, the cautious Wanderer tries to make the first contact.

Unfortunately, he is scared off by airsoft combat rituals. The Alpha male calls his companions to fight. Then, one by one, they pretend to die for a higher cause … It may sound silly, but is crucial to the survival of the airsoft genre.

In a break to contemplate the idea of u200bu200blife and death, the pack leader finally spots the wanderer … and the initiation ritual begins. The airsoft player invites the Wanderer to participate in the hunt, using phrases such as: duty, honor or a heavily fortified enemy bunker .

.. Which in the last case means a broomstick and a piece of yellow rag. The Confused Wanderer seems not entirely convinced. Then the Airsoft player reaches for the final argument: the legendary Garanda M1 .

.. the perfect combination of wood, metal and awesomeness … The Wanderer is unaware of this, but is no longer just an ordinary wanderer and soon he will feel full of glory … An airsoft player, adorned with a special scarf of glory, is looking for his new companion.

What he sees fully satisfies him. The herd has a new individual …


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