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Interview with a Hitman

Interview with a Hitman

(Silence) (Music) (Jet roaring) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Iron door clangs shut) (Squeaking) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Why? You know.

Please… (Gunshot) (Police sirens) (Music) (Music) (Chambers round) (Music) Hello, Xavier. Peter. I’ll need some proof. A bit cloak and dagger. Can’t be too careful, can you? I was beginning to think you weren’t going to come.

My apologies. I had a few loose ends. I’m all yours now. Good. I remember seeing this. I liked the video. It was good. My heaven’s gate moment, I’m afraid. Yeah. You were the… … the gangster movie king.

You couldn’t miss. What happened? I missed, obviously. And… well, nevermind. Oh yes. How old was she? Old enough. Barely double figures if I remember. You can’t believe everything you read in the papers.

Yeah. I guess not. Good, well, I’m ready. Where would you like to start? From the beginning. (Dog barking) There were four of us. Alexandru, Cesar, Marku, and me. But only one of us had been foolish enough to borrow money from the two hoods on our block.

Grigori and Flavio. Where’s my money, you little putoi? Huh? Where’s it now? Alexi, your mother’s calling you. Where’s my money? – Come on. Let’s go. Come on. Get my money, you little fucker. What did you do that for, Victor? Leave him alone, Ceasar.

Now they’re going to make trouble with us. Well, say something Markum. I have to go. (Screaming) (Groaning) No! Up. UP! (Gasping) Have you got my money? (Groaning) One week, Kushchenko, And then we put your old lady to work.

You understand? Yes? Good. Good. (Laughing and banter) Try to get up. Help your father, Victor! Victor! (Music) (Laughing) The look of fright on your face! No no no no. Come on, bro. Bullshit! (Drunken rambling) What do you want? I want a job.

What is your name? Victor. You’re Kushchenko’s boy, right? You know… Your father… He owes me a lot of money. You come to work it off? No. No? It’s not my debt. Not your debt, huh? Here now, you’ve got balls, son.

Coming here empty handed like this. Drako, go. (Flesh packing) (Groaning) Not your debt, huh? HEY! Nicolai. Take him with you tomorrow. Victor. What happened to your face, boy? What happened to your face? Boy.

Boy! Fucking kids. No, no, I told you. No, no! (Screaming and crying) NO! (Music) Did you win? Who wants to know? You got my money? Yes, yes, yes, yes. I have your money. I have money. Yep. Here is money, here is more money.

.. More, more, more money… I… I… (Knocking) (Door squeaks open) (Music) (Whimpering and sobbing) (Screaming and crying) Zoltan you cheat. I don’t cheat. Viktor. (Kids playing outside) (Music) (Music) Hello.

Is Anton here? Yes, he is. Come through. Who is this? He has come to see you. What do you want? Sergei sent me. Sergei sent you? For what? The money you owe. He sent you? For money? You tell Sergei, he wants his money; he does not insult my respect.

And now get the fuck out of here. Anton, not in front of the girls. Anyway, I’ve seen him. He is one of Sergei’s. Do you owe him money? I will not leave without money. You little pissant. What the fuck you going to do with that you little fucking.

.. (Gunshot) (Gunshot) (Gunshot) (Music) (Music) (Music) After what happened, I couldn’t stay. So they moved me to the city. There had been some bad business a while back, and Traficant needed permission to return.

So they took us to see Vadim, the head of the biggest family. Hi, my friend. Good to see you. Good to see you. It’s been too long. – Yes. And who is this? Franco, The last time I saw you, you were this tall.

Now look at you. A young man. I am sorry to hear about your wife. Perhaps it’s for the best. She wasn’t happy here. He’s just like David. How is he? He’s good. You must bring Franco to the house one day, so they can spend some time together.

And you? Are you ready to come back? Policemen still looking for me. Yes. But now they are the right type of police, and they are looking in all the wrong places. Oh, one more thing. This is someone who I’m hoping will be of use.

He has outgrown the country life. So young. They are so advanced these days. So, country mouse… You ready for the big city? (Gunshot) I became the youngest enforcer. Natural born killer. That’s what Sergei called me.

He taught me everything. He taught me never miss. He taught me how to blend into my environment. My name is Viktor. My name is Viktor. My name is Viktor. (Conversation surveillance) Treachery, cunning and deceit.

How to learn the secrets of our enemies. (Surveillance continues) And the number one lesson: That sometimes when it’s necessary to bring a man to his knees, I mean REALLY break him, a simple bullet is not enough.

You know Anatoli… You’ve got balls. There is no arguing with this. But you also have no fucking idea… … who you are dealing with. I know what I’m dealing with. Let me guess. You’re going to take a fucking ice pick to my balls? Is that it? Well then, FUCKING DO IT! But if you do, you better kill me, because I will put a fucking bullet in your head.

COME ON THEN! What the fuck are you waiting for?! What the fuck is this? No, no. She has nothing to do with this. Do what you want with me, please! She has nothing to do with this. Please, please. (Gunshot) NO! (Sobbing) I had a long career ahead of me.

Then Franco, Traficant’s boy, fucked up. (Laughing) Sergei and Viktor. My heroes. Your father… He said you have car trouble. No, no, no. No car trouble. Girl trouble. (Makes gunshot noises) (Laughing) Viktor.

Case. Trunk of the car. Why the fuck you looking at him? You forget who you work for. Now! (Laughing) Viktor, everything okay? What the fuck time did you call this Frankie? David, David, David. How many times I tell you? It’s Franco, not Frankie.

Frankie. Franco. Who gives a fuck? We’ve been waiting here for an hour. Like dickheads, waiting for you. Yeah. Let’s get to it. How much? Five. It’s a little high. Includes the price of Goldilocks. See, I’m guessing she never made it out of papa bear’s bed.

Very good David. Very good. Excuse me. Did you change it? What a joke. Fuck it. Viktor, gun. VIKTOR, GUN! NO! (Gunshots) (Laughing) (Laughing hysterically) Papa. Papa, I need a doctor. I’m bleeding bad.

What am I going to do with you? Clean it up. No traces. Okay. (Car engine starts) He’s not going to be able to bury this. David was Vadim’s boy. Sergei was right. Traficant was not going to be able to bury this.

(Music) (Music) Okay, Viktor. Good choice. You would have cut me in half with this. I had no choice, Vik. You understand? No. Of all the people… You understand. Live by the sword, die by the sword Vik.

You know that. … and why it had to be me. Yeah. Yeah. Still the same. After all these years, still the same. No attachment. Nothing and no one get to you. You believe that Sergei? You know… I never realized how afraid you were.

Until now. Goodbye my friend. (Gasping) They weren’t going to stop until I was dead. So I gave them what they wanted. (Lighter flicks) (Fire crackling) (Music) (Inaudible television) So there I was. A dead man in a strange country.

I knew nothing and no one. But that was easy to change. You just had to know where to look. Something Sergei had taught me well. Back in Bucharest, we bugged the best hotels. The ones the politicians, pimps, and gangsters used, when they wanted to have a bit of fun.

I’ll send the ladies. I knew they did the same in places like this. What the fuck are you doing? Here. (Groaning) It didn’t matter what country or city you were in. Mob surveillance dens were all the same.

(Inaudible conversations) I worked through their files looking for something I could use. It took me a while. Then I found what I needed. (Inaudible) Go on then. I’ll meet you there. Where is Raffa? I don’t know no Raffa.

Really? (Inaudible telephone static) OH FUCK! (Screaming) Next one goes here. Where is he? He’s in the safe house. 3rd Street. Number 44. Tosca? Building 7. East industrial. Okay, good. His name was Raffa.

Gangster turned snitch. Stashed in a safe house until he could testify. A lot of people were looking for him. I could have sold the information. But I had something else in mind. Hold on. (Silenced shots) (Music) (Silenced shots) (Silenced shot) Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! (Groaning) (Silenced shot) In your mouth.

(Gasping) Up you get. Pray. Get up! (Music) (Music) Hello Raffa. Who are you? It’s not important. What’s important is what I can do for you. And what’s that? Things your men can’t. Bullshit. He’s a cop.

A fucking mole. He’s got a point. You don’t want him? Let’s go. I’ve got a better idea. How about this? We keep him… … and kill you. After all… No one saw you come in. No one will see you leave.

Yeah. But you’ll know, won’t you? Enough. Get him out of here. Move. What’s your name? Viktor. Where you staying? I’ll call you. Give you some time to think about my offer. Charles Brett. He’s the cop who turned Raffa.

No family. No friends. He’s got his own unit. And he can’t be bought. Believe me. We’ve tried. A regular fucking crusader. You said you wanted a job. This is it. Get off my back. Yeah but you don’t need me for this.

Anyone could kill him. That’s the problem. We can’t. We do that, the gloves are off for all of us. You said you can do things we can’t. Prove it. What’s this? Price. That’s a big number. Okay. (Music) (Inaudible conversations) For fuck’s sake! I’m so sorry.

Excuse me. Let me get you another one. Can I have another coffee please? Thank you. So sorry. How the hell did you do it? Papers say he died of heart failure. Liquid nicotine. I want all the details. The whole story.

But first, we celebrate. Roxy, Angel. This is Viktor. (Groaning) (Gunshot) (Screaming) Put it down. Put it down. Roxy, search them. Angel, search him. Quickly! Give it to me. You. Drive. Where is Kovacs? Where the FUCK is Kovacs? (Gasping) What happened? Somebody knew we were coming.

Let me guess. I knew this cocksucker was trouble the moment he walked through that door. What are you? Undercover? You’re a policeman. Cocksucker. (Phone ringing) (Ringing continues) You gonna get that? (Groaning) You piece of shit.

You sold me to Brett. For what? You think he was gonna give you a pass? What did you tell him? (Gunshot) I can’t believe I got it so wrong. Happens. Difficult. All the angles, all the time. You know what they say.

The closer they are… Yeah. But you saw them. I’m on the outside. It’s easy when you’re looking in. Now you’re on the inside. Will you still be able to see them? Can’t say. Kovacs knew nothing about you.

Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. Can’t take the risk. Okay. So you have to go. Do me one last favor. And don’t worry about making it look accidental. This one has to send a message. Goodbye Viktor. Good evening.

Hi Steve. (Inaudible) (Inaudible) Excuse me. Can I help you? (Groaning) Stay and have a drink with us this time. (Groaning) Calm down. Do you want some of this? Good. All the more for us. The thing is we can’t let you leave just yet.

(Screaming) Like the man said… (Screaming) (Crying) (Groaning) Enough. (Groaning) (Metal clanging) (Groaning) (Flesh packing) (Crashing) (Crashing) (Gasping) (Groaning) (Gasping) (Sobbing) Hey. What is it? My necklace.

We have to leave. Now. You’re not coming? I’ll wait for another one to come along. It seems wrong to leave it like this. My name is Bethesda. Viktor. (Music) (Music) (Music) Hello? Hello. I’ve got something of yours.

Viktor? This is not easy for me, Bethesda. You know… I’ve not done this before. This, this is a bad idea. The worst. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) You don’t love me. I don’t know if you even know how to love.

Bethesda. I don’t want you to leave. Then give me a reason to stay. You really want to know what I do? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Baby crying) You won’t be needing that. The story.

.. Is it worth it? No. What’s his name? Alex. I can only say this one time. You’re dead. Leave this city. Leave this country tonight. Don’t ever, ever come back here again. Do you understand me? Go. (Music) This Bethesda sounds like quite a woman.

I wish I could have met her. You will. She’ll be here this afternoon. You didn’t tell me. Last minute thing. Fan of your work, apparently. Well, it will be an honor. So, what now? I don’t know. Imagine that.

The first time in my life I don’t have a plan. We will work it out together. And what kind of a father do you think you’d be? A strong one. A good one. Drawing a lifetime of violence to a close. Just like that? If only.

.. … it’d been that easy. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Radio transmission) (Gunshots) The last time I saw any of them, we were kids, killing time and hiding from the hoods on our block. It had been over 20 years.

But I recognized him, the moment I saw his face. Hello, Cesar. Viktor. I didn’t think I’d see you again. How did you find me? Some British cops. That’s all I know. And the others? Marku? Alexi? That’s a long time ago, brother.

Alexi… His mother took him away a little while after you left. Didn’t hear from him after that. Marku… He’s still there. Got himself a fat wife and a couple of kids. And you? I never saw you as one of Traficant’s boys.

What choice is there? You are either mother-fucker, or mother-fucked. You want to see what mother fucked looks like? Go see Marku. Who else knows? No one else knows. I’m warning you, Cesar. You think after all this time, thinking you were dead, Traficant would want Vadim to find out, you’ve been alive all along? Should I just show up? Let them take care of him for me? Then they’d come after you.

All of them. And you wouldn’t survive that. I survived last time. Try it. What do I know? I think you know too much Cesar. Look… I am the only one who knows you’re alive. Oh. Then you just say nothing.

I promise. I… had no choice before. I didn’t want to do it. Come on, Viktor. It’s me. We are brothers. No. I don’t think so. You’ve got no chance. You can’t get to him. I can get to him. Same old Viktor.

Never know when to back down. Cesar, I’ve always been able to get to him. The one thing he never understood. I could have killed him whenever I wanted. Even when he sent Sergei. But I chose not to. Out of loyalty.

Loyalty? I can… Come on, Viktor. Please. You’re not going to do this. It is me! Cesar! You can trust me. (Gunshot) (Jets roaring) (Dog barking) (Music) (Music) Viktor? Is that you? Marku. I live next door now.

I heard a noise. I thought it was kids. Where is she? I’m sorry. When? Not long after you left. Maybe a year. I tried to help, but… And the money I sent? Grigori and Flavio. They took over when you went.

I’m sorry. Where are they? You know where they are. When they told me you were dead… It’s good to see you. (Laughing) (Silenced gunshots) (Screaming) (Music) What did you do to him? Franco? He’s alive.

Whether he stays that way is up to you. I never meant it this way. You know I had no choice. He’s my son. Maybe the first time. This time, you had a choice. I was gone, dead. How did you find out? Rumors, initially.

But there are always rumors. Then there’s cops chasing fucking ghosts. I didn’t think anything of it. … until we got that video recording of you. It’s one hell of a show you put on. How did you get it? Surprises you, doesn’t it? Our reach.

How? Alexandru. You remember him? Boy made good. Captain with Interpol. Came to him. Why would he help you? You think that little fuck made it up Interpol’s ass by himself? When I saw how you handled those men, it made me proud.

It broke my heart giving the order. But you did. I’m still here. And I look at you now… … and I can not do it again. You were more like a son to me than my own. Franco is weak. His appetites. He doesn’t have your strength, your discipline.

Things we share. Come Viktor, let us bury the mistakes of our past. Sit. Eat. We shall drink. And we shall go our separate ways. Okay. And the contract? Canceled. You have demonstrated your loyalty, even in the most.

.. … extreme circumstances. You know, I always knew you were special. Stone cold. That’s what Sergei used to call you. I even think he was a little frightened of you himself. Maybe. You know, I always wondered.

.. … how you got him to do it. It wasn’t easy. He brought you up… and… I think it was as difficult for him as it was for me. So, what did you tell him? Sergei was a foot soldier. He did what he was told.

I never imagined it would be so easy for him. There are thinkers and there are doers, Viktor. You and me, we’re thinkers. He was a doer. One cannot change one’s nature. Yeah. I guess you’re right. So at least we can agree on one thing.

(Shell casing hits floor) (Music) (Music) Don’t. Left hand. Slowly. Have a seat, Alexi. I didn’t expect to see you again, Viktor. Yeah. I’ve been getting a lot of that lately. You being here means Traficant is dead.

You have a beautiful family. If you even think… Don’t be so naive. You sold me to Traficant. I didn’t want to, Viktor. I hated him. … but also owed him. I figured I could use it to buy my way out.

… for them. Bury the recording, Alexi. Like you, I also have a reason for wanting out. I thought you were going to kill me. If I have to come back here again… I will. You let him live? He had too much to lose.

Just like you. I guess so. Just like me. Look, I’m… sorry about your mother. Why? You never knew her. (Rustling) That would be her. Should I get it? No. For you. Where’d this come from? Put the gun down.

Where did you get this? Why? It’s my brother’s. Are you sure? Of course I’m bloody sure. Where did you get it? I took it. … when I saw him yesterday. Did you kill my brother? You think we didn’t know about your little secret? Why? Bethesda.

Sit, Xavier. I’ve watched this so many times. What a story. And what a vision you have. Just one thing bothered me. I never quite understood why you let the king live at the end. Let me tell you a story about another king.

A cruel king who ruled over his domain ruthlessly and without remorse. A farmer, a hard working honest man found himself in debt to this king, but the farmer had nothing with which to pay him. So, the men took the most precious thing they could find: his two beautiful daughters.

The farmer would not let them… … so they killed him. The two girls were put to work, servicing the needs of the king and his friends. One of the sisters was too weak for their appetites. The other sister, though, was strong.

She endured and learned the ways of men. The weak one was my sister. I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me. I was only 10. You have left quite an impression, you and your brother. That was a long time ago.

That was a mistake. One that you repeated often, as I recall. Please… What is this? What… I knew you wouldn’t turn this down: the opportunity to interview a man like this, to hear a story that would guarantee a return, a chance to become the great man once more.

But it was an illusion, designed to make you dream again, so that I can be the one to take it all away from you. Viktor… Are you okay? No. Why don’t you sit down? (Sighs) (Gunshot) (Gasping) I know what you’re thinking.

Why? Why go to all these lengths? Make you fall in love with me… Plan a life together… Pain, Viktor. The pain of losing the ones you love. I didn’t want you to miss out. I sold you to Traficant. I knew they’d come after you.

And I knew you’d kill them for me. And after that, it was just you… … and him. And now just you. (Inaudible) Not yet. Not yet. There is one thing you should know. It’s a boy, Viktor. Your boy. The boy you always dreamed of.

And when he is old enough, I will show him what you were, and he will despise you. You were right, Viktor. Sometimes, a simple bullet is not enough. (Music) (Gunshot) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music)


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