Home Airsoft Gameplay Intense CQB Airsoft Gameplay (ICS CXP 08, KWA M4, Magpul Masada)

Intense CQB Airsoft Gameplay (ICS CXP 08, KWA M4, Magpul Masada)

Intense CQB Airsoft Gameplay (ICS CXP 08, KWA M4, Magpul Masada)

Oh way through another song good god dude I’m talking for something uploading all right let’s cover you know we can’t people pissing me off just blast I’m staying left what’s up oh yeah he’s hit you got vote I’m shot smoke them three of them uh oh yeah are you desperate scenario that’s good me are you sick is he hey he’s gonna come around the right side gonna be a hero move up oh [ __ ] is it oh yeah we see hey get him back to earn the woodland alright official oh whoa you gonna use it watch wood line okay hitting the knuckle millions bring me like 20 times you drive me come on car what’s the name what side left here we get all people in the world and I’ve got coming up hey you want building watch around they’re coming up that way I think we have tan covering it though we should be good yeah we got ya hey guys building straight ahead one guy just ran in keep an eye on it you say he say he’s it I walk behind you oh not you yes muddy wash it off white cool you’re about to get hit straight through on that building hey watch left watch left people coming up ya know one person left side they still people pushing up and then Eddie’s gun put it right in front you all right you push on building two people on the building next to you go watch luck Chris I’d treat you hmm all right yeah we got four people one build a werefox huh we’re that you guys see you early I one guy up right there Owens building are here hey get low I hate when people [ __ ] walk through front of you right there right there hey we got one hang on hang out here there’s like four guys in this already hey watch you guys out here just gonna stand there are you [ __ ] kidding me he obviously just got it cuz he look [ __ ] stupid hey cover me cover me [ __ ] moment taking hold this hold this all right well this will pick her up see him they sell that same place right sighs thank you second building or farthest away before this one Oh God God battery all right I might be able to cut me if you want to go to that building just fine come yeah like the [ __ ] out of him or do you need one yeah um Jen um what are gonna need you after your fine what do you know they don’t think you have this boy what do you time oh there’s mine I’m just give England I was number four alright see you chant chant chant run to this building right here closest I’ll cover you hey guys this guy’s gonna run to this building right this one right here see it this guys ready to go go go ahead let’s don’t go too far huh jet like them the battery was dead yes kid now dude I’m already through I got I got I got another one grafted on there’s no one around that corner chance no chance they’re all right on that building hey I’m going just scare them right there yeah


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