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INDOOR Airsoft Jungle! | Blackout Airsoft Niederlande #VLOG

INDOOR Airsoft Jungle! | Blackout Airsoft Niederlande #VLOG

Good morning guys. Just wanted to say, we’re back in Germany again But that’s not right, we’re in the Netherlands At Blackout Airsoft I’m here for the 10th time already but didn’t take you with me until today The field is already in operation So let me just tell what’s going on here It’s an indoor airsoft field Yes right, an indoor airsoft field I know the boys a little longer, so I was already here when the field was under construction So I had a look at it when it was a construction area Meanwhile you can play airsoft here and today we’re going to play airsoft here as well And because you can come here I thought I have to show it to you That’s the reason why we will show you the buildings today It’s really big in here and if you ask me, this is the most modern field that I know.

We went to California and saw something And I’ve also been to Germany, Belgium and Czechia So I’ve seen some fields But this is really high-quality So we seize the moment to play here and take you with us We will split this video.

So now we’ll show you what’s going on at this area in general So what you can find here and the different areas And we will do a gameplay separately This will be dropped this week as well Today is wednesday and the next video will be online this week, too I’ve got Lara with me, so airsoft_heldin And some guys of Airsoft Helden and we’ll play two or three rounds So now we’ll show you where we are We’re in the locker rooms right now, yes exactly, that’s existing here You have to know This was like a sports center Or better a sports park So it was built like a gym So there are these amazing locker rooms That’s a thing where I can personally say I’m wishing this for airsoft Like that there are some standards.

They’re already set very high here So you can just change here Then you can put your clothes in this locker Over here there are toilets and even showers Let me have a look, hopefully there is no one inside Have a look at this I don’t even have such a nice shower at home So I’ll change now, because I’m going to play airsoft by myself today And then I’ll show you the area So see you So I’ve changed My tactical gear and weapons are over there in the staging area You can put everything over there Because here in this area there are no weapons allowed, but the locker rooms are here So you put your weapons in this staging area over there first and then change here in the locker rooms From the staging area you can go to the field And this is the lounge area Come with me, this is very modern You arrive here at this counter So that’s where the registration takes place.

Then you can go this way And here is the lounge area Additionally here is Graziani Gunshop or airsoft2go So you can buy munition or gear locally Very practical at a field like this So they’ve got a little store over here, again really modern Just high-class, so very cool As you can hear, I think this is absolutely amazing Let’s go deeper What is pretty cool In this lounge area are glass fronts, so you can have a look at a part of the field You don’t see that much, but a bit You can guess what’s going on inside I’m not quite sure, I don’t think there is a game running at the moment Behind me there are some kids So you can have your kids’ birthday party here as well Come in So now we’re in the area with the shooting boxes I think it’s separated in 3 areas, so 3 ingame areas First is this shooting range Then the jungle which is on the right and which we will show you very soon And then there is the CQB area.

But have a look at the shooting range first Here are some people shooting at the moment It’s like a shooting cinema Similar to “AGSHP” from the german armed forces So you can maybe compare it This is very loud now, because you can hear the weapons And there is this speakers system So if there is a shot it is boosted by the speakers Hey there – Hi – There we’ve got the Airsoft Heldin Everything’s okay? – You’re fit again? It was just so funny, we walked in the game Just wanted to start, “Hells Bells” came from the speakers We were running inside like little operators Then the lights turned on and he said “Sorry, dinner is served” Ooookay, let’s eat! Was so very funny – Ah, so there is lunch right now? Yes, it’s served right now – That’s the reason why you came here Right, the game is over before it really started for me – So let’s have lunch now We’ll go on at this position, exactly this one This one! About 30 minutes later We’re back at the same position We’ve got the shooting ranges here, so amazing Look, this is all made of glass Like I said, it’s really like a shooting cinema Oh wow, did you hear that sound? They’re shooting on rings now Wow this is very loud now Weeell, this doesn’t work now, right? No, don’t think so Let’s go over there Wow this is crazy What’s going on here? So this is the main field, it’s the jungle It’s an area built of I guess real soil It’s built very modular So they can change it a lot.

There is a lighting system installed and also a sound system They can simulate some weather situtaions Well, there won’t be rain falling from the sky But it can sound like thunderstorm and so on And they can play music So it really is an experience, I was playing here by myself as well This is really wicked Here is the first respawn for a team Let’s go on the field This is really nice shit It is very challenging And as you can see here is even bark mulch on the floor and there are artificial plants everywhere, so it even smells like well it smells like forest So you’re like indoor outdoor Show the ceiling So it’s completely independent to the weather You can play 365 days a year Let’s go on the field Or you know what would be great? If you fly over the field by yourself And do a little field porn okay? – Okay So rock on Go go go, the game already started Right I don’t want to be in their way, while they’re playing So now we’re back in the lobby, follow me Let’s go the way, a player has to go when he arrives Well like I already said, he starts here for registration Then he crosses the store of airsoft2go Well in best case he walks in and then he goes to the locker rooms So you saw the locker rooms already very high-class The next station is the staging area with the armory Here are already many people getting there gear on There are some people already on the field But they’re splitting it, so like some of them go to the jungle and some of them go to the CQB first Follow me to the briefing room This is a briefing cinema Very cool, if you’re doing like operations like small events, you’ve got the opportunity to brief them here like in a real operation With a beamer and you can stand there in front with these cinema chairs So pretty nice There is the beamer Oh have a look at this They’ve got Laser Tag here, too Your cap is shining so bright at the moment The KHS sign So here we’ve got the room for Laser Tag It’s not our topic today But they’ve got these Laser Tag equipment And you can use the CQB area for Laser Tag and for airsoft Let’s have a look at this area We will use it for airsoft obviosuly Ah yes that’s the CQB, follow me So this is Laser Tag Oh so it’s splitted, I was telling nonsense before So there is the possibility to play airsoft on the upper floor as well, but here we’ve got an area extra for Laser Tag Ah here it starts So here is the room where we started Come with me So this is kind of backstage now Follow me.

I guess Leon is over there, so we can ask him Leon We went to the Laser Tag area We can go upstairs to the CQB from this point right? I didn’t know how to do this It’s so big here I couldn’t find my way This is CQB and Laser Tag Right on this level there is only Laser Tag And on the upper level is CQB Is there a game in CQB at the moment? – No – Ah nice, so we can film there Yes So down here is the Laser Tag area And you can go upstairs through this door and reach the upper level There is CQB urban warfare airsoft Let’s show this This is so detailed, look here is a mobile store They play Laser Tag here and that’s the reason why it’s more detailed because it can’t break from the shots So this is a mobile store With a counter You need this bro? Here we’ve got the new Huawei P9 Okay let’s stop this joking haha Little details everywhere This makes it even more exciting Like this you can say “Look, there is an enemy in the mobile shop” Then everyone is informed Wow feels like in the club.

By the way, this is an Opel B Corsa right? They’ve got a lighting system here as well and obviously a fog system or well a fog machine Is this a bike? Of course man, we’re in Holland He drives around This is the ingame vehicle There is no machine gun mounted So not a tactical vehicle, but you can move with it But it has got a flat tyre Let’s go to the CQB Of course there is a holland bike as well Oh really? – Of course, over there is one more Right, one more bike It’s really not small here So you can have a lot of fun here And what is quite amazing Follow me Ah you can go through Look I show you something cool You can camp right here They built a gable And after this you can elope over this fire brigade pole You can slide down and then you’re gone I’ll show you where you’re shooting from above See, these little windows are the ones you’re shooting from, so it’s really a little mean corner You’re coming in and there the snipers hide And after shooting they’re gone so fast You can do this when we’re playing subsequently Yes right, we’re going to maybe play here at the CQB So Justin remember the field, so we have an advantage later Pretty cool, right? – It is! Look they even got a TV Mobiles seem to be very cheap over here Yes? Yes right **** is a crap event I think we have to censor this Greetings go out to **** what I will have censored, too Just kiddiiiiing.

Okay pretty So as you can see they already shot a lot I guess the guys removed some details because they noticed that they get shot on purpose I’m wondering why they didn’t shoot the TV until now Or do they buy a new one every time? They buy a new one every week Let’s go down where we came up, then we know where we are I guess the small children will play Laser Tag now We have to leave, they’re coming Have you seen the boys? Come on let’s leave Everything’s fine They said sorry for us crashing their game Suddenly we were completely inside Well, this was Laser Tag So nice You can do all this at this place Yes this is pretty nice What I also like is that every door is labelled, so you always know where you’re going Show the armory That’ the armory.

Can you lend weapons as well? Not at the moment, but I guess it will be possible in the future But the armory is here already Here the guys can load ammo and put down their stuff So here is safe zone but weapons are allowed So let’s go on we got a little VIP room This means “forbidden” Follow So We’re in the black room now We put our stuff here, the guys are already playing on the field That’s the reason why it looks like higgledy-piggledy Normally it looks way cooler You know what we’re doing? When we leave, we will pack our stuff you can film and we show now the porn Okay? – Okay So this is the Black Room Such a nice thing This is kind of backstage here You can’t visit this place normally I guess But you can have a look at it and I guess you can additionally book this room, when you’re planning an event That’s how I understood it As you saw there is a huge table where you can dis cuss your missions on highest management level Then there is a model of the jungle or a tactical meeting The background is that the owners are well you saw many badges inside they’re not fake, but all real One of the owners was a member of the special forces, so he gained them So there are parallels to reality Of course the base is just fun It’s airsoft and that’s nice but there is the love to every detail, so they know what they’re talking about Let’s show the regular entrance to the jungle We just went from the backdoor, but this is the real entrance It’s like in a theme park There are so many emotions delivered.

I played here as well And I’m playing airsoft for such a long time But the feeling that you get here is very unique Follow me Eyepro! Come Here is a shooting box If you joined the german military you know this You have to check here, when you leave and go to the safe zone that your weapon is save.

Now look at this Wow the skulls Let’s have a look from aside They built it like this that you have got 360° paths around the field There the marshals can move And if someone would be injured they could leave the field And show the red button These red buttons are mounted everywhere around That’s pretty intelligent.

Because you see, it’s very dark now music is on and special effects are running But if something happens you can push this red button and then everything is shutting down White lights will turn on, music will turn off That’s a big point in security Can you hear the MG shots? That’s such a nice feeling There is Lara, Airsoft Heldin On the hill? LARAA Lara is ahead Attack boys! There’s my brother Jan.

Oh let’s leave, they’re shooting in our direction Well there were Jan, and Martin from Airsoft Helden and even Airsoft Heldin Lara They’re rockin’ so hard here Uh let’s go inside, otherwise they’ll shoot out our teeth So that’s it.

I never found something comparable Look here is a BB bar This is more like it’s more like decoration I do like the ideas! it’s fun only walking around here I have got so many ideas again This is so inspirational Well I’m not sleeping So we’re always searching for changes for Dark Emergency what can we adapt for Airsoft Helden So I can collect some impressions I’ve been here for quite a year now and we’re planning some stuff together And I think the result here is so nice The development is so nice They invested so much time I guess it should have opened half a year ago But there are so many details and such a high quality, this just takes it time So it was a little later than planned And it’s still not ready There is an outdoor area planned it’s planned combined with the jungle, so very cool with an overhead door I imagine this to be awesome We will come here more often I guess Our people liked it as well And you, too So I guess there will follow 2-3 gameplays Just a second So this video shows the area Blackout Airsoft in Didam, Holland, Netherlands It’s near to the boarder, so I’m only driving about one hour So completely realistic for me as a field to play airsoft at the weekend On Saturday we’ll show you the gameplay From our game today.

We played already in the jungle and will also play in the CQB And I hope to do some hits so it’s not getting boring Freshly showered now so just chillin’ a bit in the lounge Well in the lobby. I hope you liked the video You could get an impression about Blackout Airsoft Your impression? Pretty cool.

I was really impressed, an amazing field For me it was so nice as well And I have to admit I’m kind of sad it’s not in Germany Because it’s completely different to play airsoft here We don’t want to do an advert for this We just want to share our experiences Completely different CQB Completely different airsoft This jungle was just lit.

I got hit a lot today Me, too. – Yes, you got a nice headshot Was this at our internal game? This was in the jungle Got one on my tummy as well I got one at my testicles Way too much information now We’re homebound now Enjoy our sunday a bit What’s up? – The thing with the testicles was way too heavy for me now I didn’t even show pics! We can blend them if you want to No, no one is willing to see this Are we going to eat something? No, we ate here already right? Yes it was very tasty, but I’m hungry again We were playing the whole day – Okay, so we’re going to eat again Because you don’t want to see Lara hungry, she gets really angry then So let’s go See you! One day before Can you work please?! Ain’t you got stuff to do? Can you please turn down the music Sascha?!


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