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In-Depth Airsoft Review | WE P226 GBB Pistol

In-Depth Airsoft Review | WE P226 GBB Pistol

yeah a YouTube is HC airsoft other Western is Jason’s today we’re gonna be taking a look at the w/e p226 the gas fullback airsoft pistol this airsoft gun is branded as f-22 6 by most airsoft websites found in the US and inside the plane looking average box we will find a ok packaged p226 replica the manual and the magazine one thing of note is that the gun is completely made out of a metal construction I don’t trust the overall source of this metal as it is a fairly inexpensive airsoft gun the airsoft gun is sold at between the 100 and $5 to $120 price range in the United States it is advertised to be Tokyo Marui compatible and shoot at approximately 280 feet per second with a point to 0 gram BB running off green gas the full mental airsoft replica weighs about 878 grams which translates to about 2 pounds the p226 features no safety a decal key mechanism a slide release and of course the field stripped lever this air suburb become features an okay hop-up it leaves a lot more to be desired but it also has a a nicely done barrel it’s a 6.

0 3 millimeter inner barrel the outer barrel is just there just to give this gun and outer barrel doesn’t have anything special to it I’m sure there are some upgraded outer barrels that have different colors more higher quality maybe even some threads the basic frame is again meh but I’m sure you can upgrade it with whatever parts you might find the slide and recoil spring also well perform their job well can’t say anything bad about it now it could just be me being an idiot’s with replicas of firearms but I really cannot get this gun slide to either be removed or come back on now I’ve seen other videos on YouTube that demonstrate this and they actually are able to get this freaking slide on pretty good pretty easy no worries no hassle so right now on my model it’s probably just a woman but I’m really not liking it and it really is speaking for the quality I don’t want to feel like I wasted one hundred and twenty dollars on this airsoft gun with malt a very affordable Gaza like Isis in the market it really just comes down to personal preference of what pistol actually looks good to you the WEP to do suits scores a seven out of ten for the following remarks one thing I didn’t touch on too much was the performance it is pretty average and it’s outclassed by a lot of other pistols just only a few bucks more but if you like PQ 2 sixes this is the gun for you


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