Home Airsoft Reviews ICS L86A2 LSW Airsoft Review | Deutsch – English Subtitle

ICS L86A2 LSW Airsoft Review | Deutsch – English Subtitle

ICS L86A2 LSW  Airsoft Review  | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello Bruce here BB2K Airsoft. again i consumed electricity 🙂 I’ve already got a AEG Airsoft. Not from a shop but from a fan of my channel His name is Chris Frede. he gave me for a review the ICS L86A2 LSW.

thanks to German law. it has Semi Only. But the Barrel is so long….i think for me is this now a DMR 😉 I’m curious how this exotic works. Have fun before I start I would like to thank Chris Frede for his support.

Chris this review is just for you! chris wrote me that he bought it for 369 euro The airsoft comes in this box with a illustration of the L86 and the L85 A2 and Carbine. i have here the L86A2 and now i show you this baby very solid and heavy ( i can’t hold it a long time 🙂 ) Material: Full metal with some plastic parts The airsoft comes with two Hicap Magazine made of steel (450 Rounds) A saftey cap for the barrel a cleaning rod a little bag of BB’s for the first start two manuals (ICS & Sniper Shop) a Multimedia CD and two 2015 product cataloges (Weapon & Accessories) This airsoft is a replic of the L86 LSW (Light Support Weapon).

It is a part of the SA80 serie of the british army. SA80 stands for Small Arms for the 1980s next to the L86, there are the L85 IW (Individual Weapon) and the L22A1 Carbine. Difference of L86 to L85: It has a longer barrel than the L85A1 rifle and a bipod, shoulder strap and rear pistol grip, together with a shorter handguard.

The bolt and trigger system are modified, so the gun can be fired from open bolt The l85 has a closed bolt system The SA80 family is built in a bullpup layout (the action is behind the trigger group), with a forward-mounted pistol grip.

which makes the weapon shorter without compromising the barrel length. Without Bullpup this gun would be longer (20 cm more) this layout also means that the rifle must be used exclusively right-handed since the ejection port are on the right side of the receiver.

If you use it left-handed. The hot ejecting shell smash you face. Look at this hard guy 🙂 Now the Datasheet from the real steel. As a result of many problems with the SA80 serie. In 2000, Heckler & Koch was contracted to upgrade the SA80 family of weapons.

continue with the data Now to the bodycheck of the L86A2 from ICS. it is a very heavy airsoft. I was surprised. I knew that it is longer than a L85. But so long and stable i never thought. the weight comes from the many metal parts.

there are few plastic like the buttplate, the grips an the handguard. it’s all made very solid. no wiggle and no clacking. Even the Bipod fixes into place. The processing and painting are great.The Airsoft fits comfortably in my hand and is well balanced.

ICS has done a good job. Now to the datasheet. manufacturer values: 395 FPS / 1.44 Joule. I shoot 6 time with 0,20g BBs That was the chrono and now it is time for the details. I start today from behind.


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