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ICS IKS-74U S-AEG (Airsoft) // Review

ICS IKS-74U S-AEG (Airsoft) // Review

Fortunately, do you think it’s ice cream again and out of the family again the icy sek it 74 usd it is kind of a copy of the original ks 74 so in the end the short version of the normal ak 74 very cool part let’s take a look at comes here in this typical ics box you could have kept a few shorter but this cartoon is also suitable for the longer models like one here front can see fit normal 47 74 model is almost pure here you can get us a test report from becali here a wonderful brochure Free it like pictures wonderful explanatory explosion drawing everything while we sit more bags than it is fair It is secured with the forces themselves two ipad magazines one out and of course one look and that was all very cool part so looks the good piece is something really really cool part again here you have is around one of course it is not necessary to have a full car caliber is 6 mm bb and of course we have others for an adjustable one So hop from what is real, almost exclusively made of metal, a few plastic parts in the magazine piste brecht wood that is really real wood no way and everything else up to the weapon actually everything really beautiful sheet metal you can’t complain, look at what starts here or sacrifice as great, nobody made it know who the button visor even with ball it is not quite lose weight blog meat one is not true hiking week is now thought to be significantly more personal would have been very cool to jail good thing we have heike magazine with one capacity of around 550 600 so a lot fits in The 600 now doubt about it but 500 should be open up here can know the wonderful to keep down here many fits well, however, quite normal tokyo several compatible im magazine name energy specified website from 15 0 for me 1 31 04 has a bit weaker with 0 25 gb s hopp was like that mediocre set so if the whole thing takes out I think I could on the 15 definitely that fits as far as we have the total values u200bu200bon it a peak from too wonderful about 1 5 centimeters and in the unfolded state we have a length of a little over 74 cm so actually very much like very compact fits wonderfully weights relatively true to the original, 2.

7 kilograms is exactly 2.721 so there you have it really made an effort the part really feels very, very valuable then you also like it has a length of over 26 centimeters that also fits in terms of length, it is okay nothing to shake that fits in my eyes briefly – with built in by default because outwardly pretty much a three gearbox we have yours proud is the belgian is mine additionally hardened we have seven millimeter on boxes we have reinforced slopes and ventilated Slopes stops at low of course as here is 3000 from icy es Wonderful story also built a newer freely swinging one Opportunity prevents the problems wonderfully because you are seated at Aligning the circles of the magazine a bit can be a wonderful story but a bit about the highlights as I said a lot seems like such things cool cnc milled all the material for it you have seen that is real a wonderful story n there you can remove everything like the original everything about i should press a tool-free story through here spider out and so on immediately really cool story fits me a visor and I only had hope you little one have no other weapon now here this ps and tinker with it normally here in this position there would be no such thing with the battery means that means is a pure kimme korn story but you can do it look this line is very small and you can also two different flaps at the back they used wonderful but also vulnerable a wonderful over the So all sites actually shoot these two crackers and for me in In my eyes, a really good command assault rifle doesn’t always have to be a short gm be a lot if something like that can be do you already have a great story about style, take a closer look so we have the video function up here wonderful that comes the grain is in The height can be adjusted so you can really go out and in Writing in the horizontal direction cannot be changed back here so the children so to speak can then just these two holes let or let children use masks very flattered, nothing works too strictly but also not shut smoothly perfect my eyes but is wonderful to cap off then completely on that I will show you localized on the right side we find you can also pull the lock for help this gives a view of the games which are here with the finger over the He’s already had thumbs adjusted wonderfully, however asked whether we have the advantage of being simple today infinitely variable immediately the parts can be adjusted at lightning speed as needed and you you can see at first glance how europe is set up a partial sample of a unit with talking have to be remembered today, even if they do today is walking around like it is no longer posed like superman luck look ok hopp is in short mediocre set here in this position full In the back room almost taken out that means it works further we have the account typical fire brigade lever top position it is on save at the same time service partially that can in the first position hurricane typically it would be fully automatic and in the lowest position it would be in automatically fits the world exactly wonderful what else do we have that nice we usually have the magazine release button down here on the weapon push and pull the ak magazines shouldn’t be plugged in that stupid they are always levered here from the front and pushed in at the back until it clack they actually no that actually has a little bit a matter of getting used to but these us magazines are really excellent change and has a relatively good seat so you can still do a bit wobble but it stays within limits and zoo magazine made of plastic sit two in my opinion very good can absolutely nothing the trigger is very nice have this slightly reddish design very pleasant to distinguish on the index finger The very, very flat design of the receiver is very different pleasant has hardly any play left and right and can be worked wonderfully predictable, above all, pulling perfectly to the left in the end only believe legally as an importer we have 6 mm f in the pentagon consecutive year number and what there are no more people at the bend, we only have on the right side then of course the letters inserted for the case select that wish that you can see where we are but cyrillic letters so it’s a bit difficult to read left side for this we have created the sparrows for winter as well the release for the rear creates a nice push and it comes on fold down you’ve already got one and then the star is okay perfect but fairly solid substructure you can push through with your finger pulling the part out again normally costs the fun was here already so tight good 50 50 chance but actually very firm but apparently it can too but only loosely come in any case wonderful then we have here too You could know a wonderful country here, show what else is there the weapon in no competition could take style nice new focus carry almost as far as it can be opened again very easily you need this after the limburg and west championships, development will probably only meet with collapse now you already see us and how clean it works shows you works again and it divides has 0 0 game I’ve never seen you so clean and soft with the metal shortage raced like the artist know when I press here now so is playing not to be recognized so smoothly to operate with so little effort So that’s how you have to be and so there are no goals really hot of the shoulder fits is perfect for me in terms of length, with my arms good, okay, it is of course here coarse metal behind but if it’s about yesterday’s game to have back then in the shoulder strap so it didn’t fit a cool assault rifle am i enthusiastic i don’t have anything i’m lucky enough to have high quality can also choose and the review I like because too at home just like that, of course, I could also get a bunch of junk not at all in berlin where i already know that he will give you 100 euros for you today probably won’t be the plan this was 4 now costs a bit over 300 euros but he also gets it qualities first known for being simply unbelievable the quality for still gets a relatively low price and I prefer to love it too weapons that I know you could have fun with and that things work of course there are also negatives I also had surprises at shows test or what then you don’t have the burner was but mostly I have but already something on the table where i am i say almost without reservation can people who feel like it then bought so am always pretty sure that he will have fun with it for a long time also applies to this colleague that was actually about the operation of course we can add the flash haider here using this pin push back and we can see you could also screw how after gusto almost too far for everyone to take part and us can see remains in the area in the position could also hit a Installation a little longer can of course be a pity for the consumer do you have a 14 mm negative thread for the common silence perfect now just looking a little is acute, according to the magazine, you have to briefly buy it and now open the cover of paris that has a cool feature which part Perhaps you can see on the flap up here there is a small one Pimpf when I get the part of the package, it’s not like normal cars that the part comes down but it knocks on very cool and if he looks closely at the front now he could see it closes Here the pin that asks the hand of god at the same time is very cool So we must have a view of the top agents from gearbox consists of plastic but is now typically relatively tightly bound but what is wonderfully put together connector here we have one tanja these are connected that means you can do that too change safe and you can for example those in high power plugs make it relatively easy for the company to own so others can kiss a bit here at the front of the week you can also see a hole you can plug in a tik tak watch here unfortunately pretty much the only acute fit in or hold very thin double funny that’s how it goes, unfortunately, I made you up front just this one Mechanism for china can unfortunately a bit in conflict with the wiring if he does everything together again the fun here is a little bit and could probably damage the cables I don’t like that about the weapon that much, I have to say that I am Not a big drama now, but personally I would like better Unfortunately, it is generally the case with the ak that there is simply no one in the conveyor shaft have space for batteries and what can you do with the skeleton inter could say should forget boxing away is also difficult you have no ratings or any other special weapon would have to be detachable at the rear cables to get out higher should probably go now you are doing yourself in the back today little patron tesche countries want to lead on the rhine could space would be here inside inside also to insert the cabling for the battery tours but there would have to stop looking to the box most is the weapon had to start looking now when this pin is removed we can of course remove the handball this is what it looks like comes out here the lower port of the handicap undergoes the benefits of cuffs then you have everything in your hand wonderfully come with a car barrel recognize and again this hole in which you still have the stick time could lead in the fun down here is probably that means here too Battery can still be inserted but I am not a very big fan of this and already with blood in your mouth you have to assemble one the many comes here wiring again halfway align and the lid bonnet, so to speak, is really fun and then just moving forward is here the button at the back was actually irritated as you can see commercial fake bolt no longer quite notice i was the reverse spies and i am never told to be careful not to damage the cabling that would be you to quasi here later with the operation of the app as 470 very cool part i like it a lot and it was a small college again break gave him a few empty impressions of the weapon you can too like to look at pictures of this week on my instagram link in the future i will also run into idiosyncratic of the special I can take two nice product photos and post it there on instagram quasi a little look at better light so you can share yours I only very really recommend the wood is beautiful the only thing that still has a bit of stress is easy for me personally it’s totally flashing when everything is super tight here who thinks no game axial but we can recognize anja today to wiggle very easily that could be done with a little spacer with a little a couple of load tanks tip how to do it does not matter but well never who it is quite right and as here they’ll take it nevertheless the wood was qualitatively and visually beautiful that was wonderful curiosity cross about poker is just a good fit that can argue about it the battery has normal than this ocher-colored, slightly orange magazine that’s actually hard to do now, both of which work to a large extent the week is very true to the original the victim is said to have built the carbine relatively strong 54 59 39 ammunition so not the team 62 caliber as large 47 but the 74 and 74 like to use the smaller caliber like now from vehicle crews from teams of special commands or for example displays netz it is often used simply decides and so on and so on fort so very awesome part I really like it and it’s also an exotic one and great quality aks view is still an eye-catcher today fun guaranteed the gun is nice to shoot come here right now pretty much at the end conclusion to the shot hold up so wonderful what you want from 1 expected engine beats cool fits the box sounds great is also durable components are digested cleanly i have no information about them weapon now a tuner is installed but the skaters are actually also work always relatively good with an ek 74, I also had to mentally, I knew then that I wanted to use 03603 but actually this behaved Although it has improved but it was no longer the other next things close whether work is very, very good I just wanted to express it, there is no need for action the playability very good weight is great the balance of the week is absolute none the haptics are great as I said, I give it that, the three of them were there it simply means that the battery is supposed to be operated like this and that’s absolutely cool so one of the most beautiful stories so far so far had really the very best but was totally great across the board I already clearly worse so I want them in me in any case buy because he has to be something negative deductions yes okay i heinz core of the ps and on the side that i the rheinbrücke could at least write a periscope or something to be able to play somehow a little fetch I’m meters away but only for a short time, it really depends on gusto i’ll soon find out whether magazine topics are compatible gives enough choice google rand everything ready for a total of 320 euro topics out of the box very much noticeably have to look stick times and otherwise the weapon is in for me my eyes are already wonderful and my skin is school grading system bobby gets a very stable two very happy to give up through something shaky dominance otherwise the weapon is real wonderful from body so i don’t think i will see any more districts of poppke wherever you look so that fits there are absolutely no complaints hold up a massive 21 is one of those for me it is hardly possible to make it so the carabiner steers that is the best shot performance for me but for the gun is pretty much that best result I can ever get so don’t be fooled that fits and the overall impression of the weapon is also a super 2 so it is everything is consistent, everything is functional, everything fits, maybe it’s out of here says at one or the other corner minimal need for action what one also says within half an hour with craftsmanship today politics here, for example, as better inferior with a few loading tape or so what do i know there are no problems in this I hope you like the beauty jessica s 470 and I wish you as always have fun of course with my other Möbius day job


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