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ICS G33 Full Review & Gameplay – DBL TAP ep1 – Random Violence Airsoft

ICS G33 Full Review & Gameplay – DBL TAP ep1 – Random Violence Airsoft

hi guys this is angel from random violence and today we’re going to be looking at the ICS g-33 kindly supplied to us by friends over at gotcha Pretoria modeled after the g36 notable differences include handguard highly adjustable stock and the magwell conversion to accept m4 magazines it is available in three colors black tan and a combination above first off the total length with fully extended of this aeg is 746 millimeters when collapse its 516 millimeters this all comes in – about 2.

5 5 kgs worth of weight thanks to is polymer construction at the front we find a g36 tile flash hider on a 14 millimeter counterclockwise thread that can be easily swapped out with a tracer unit or a suppressor on the front of the handguard we have rails on either side a rail on top which is brand new and an extended rail at the bottom leading all the way up to the receiver the same light on the front has also been removed the battery is housed in the handguard which is released by pushing out this pin moving on to the top we have the full rail on the carrying handle and we have very cool adjustable iron sights moving down we see the ambidextrous charging handle which when pull back reveals the hop-up adjustment with more ambidextrous features include the selector switch the mag release and it also includes an m4 style memories the last thing I look at is a collapsible stock there’s a full point adjustment and a 3-point cheek rest it is an integrated sling mount on the left as well as a QD sling mount on the stock itself all right as far as the internals go it is a 6.

0 4 millimeter precision in a barrel at 263 millimeters in length and m120 spring pio in piston head and an o-ring nozzle which all brings us up to respectable 80 to 400 feet per second on a North way to Grandview it also has a one-piece pop-up a high torque motor of version three gearbox with seven millimeter steel bushings this guide is also lipo ready come right out of the box so on paper this AG is supposed to be amazing to get a true out of the box experience we handed it over to random balances resident meatshield for soccer to put the gun through its paces and a new field we found in Harry Smith called the factory and to report back to us and how performs in the box you get the AEG high cap magazine a bag of ICS BBS a manual and an ax Geminoid okay now we go and pin come on Mac mano kakuka contacts contact move down contact is he down Roger Oh got him cuz I’m totally running on empty here I’m totally out yeah totally out putting the battery into the hand God can take some getting used to because the m4 style mag release is positioning in front of the trigger and the fact that it moves both on one mechanism makes it pretty stuff to press and the ribs on it can be quite uncomfortable to press without full finger gloves but on the flip side the g36 one works perfectly the fact that it takes m4 magazines is amazing but some might just have a little bit of wobble and we did have a report of some feeding issues all in all it’s a solid gun with amazing out-of-the-box performance and reliability that one comes to expect from ICS the ambidextrous features make it great for left-handed shooters and the updated design is a great take on the g36 platform a big thank you to the guys of god ship for lending us this gun check out the link in the description below to their Facebook page we can find more ICS products and just general airsoft get like and comment in the section down below and tell us what you think of the ICS g-33 subscribe to our channel to see more reviews event and gameplay footage and as always treat your airsoft gun is a real firearm keep it concealed in a bag when transporting and always always wear ballistic great eye protection until next time this is angel signing off


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