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What are you doing Jaycee? Why do you have a gun out Jaycee? Why are you coming towards me? I can’t dodge at this distance Jaycee Jaycee? Jaycee… Jaycee. Jaycee back up Hello everybody and welcome to a brand new airsoft TTT in this game you have to pick a card if it’s red You’re a T.

If it’s black You’re an innocent. The job of the T’s is to kill everybody in the town and the job of the innocence is to find out Who the T’s. There’s also one officer or a detective. Who has the ace card, who has to try to figure out who the T’s are before they kill everyone else.

I hope you guys enjoy AH! oh, OH! Oh hi Jack, oh hi. Ok jack we work together today. We work together today Jack: Why do I- Why should I trust you? Jack: TEST FIRE! Dayton: If you’re a T we kill each other last.

Jack: Ok. Dayton: deal deal Well fun- OH MY GOD, Jack take this one. Jack take this one. Jack take this one. I’m taking this one! Jack: SON OF A- Okay Zack, let’s stay together Zack: Um I know for a fact that he is not a terrorist because he shouldn’t be he is cotton.

(?) Okay. Jaycee: He tried to shoot me! Dayton: You say that he tried to shoot her and then you’re like oh he’s not a T. Zack: That looks bad on me, doesn’t it? Dayton: That looks very bad on you! Zack: i.

..i…i! I just shot you. Die! (Multiple people screaming, mostly Jaycee) Get back! Get back! Kill! Kill! Kill! K-him Dude! Don’t shoot at me! Cooper! Someone: HIT! Someone: Reloading! You just scared the shit out of me Kyle! Kyle: OMG Someone: HIT! ohhhhhhhh Okay I think that’s everyone.

I avenged you Jack! After that first successful round as a terrorist we started it up again. This time I was the detective. My job is to protect the citizens and find out who the T’s are before they kill everybody else.

Well I know you don’t have a knife sooooo Idk, I’ll trust Zack. He’s cool. I killed him last time. Get out of here. Zack: I like that (; Don’t even know if you’re T or not. If you’re T just let me kill people with you.

Tell me, are you a T? I would help you. Okay, Okay (Giggles) Did somebody just shoot over there? BOOM BOOM BOOM Just shoot out his shoot at his- shoot at his wall. Did you just shoot him in the leg?! Check what he is! check what he is! check what he is! He just killed Kyle! What the hell? Murderer: I’m an innocent.

You were an innocent?! Goddamit! He just killed Kyle I had to kill him! Someone: Shoot firing He killed Kyle and I killed him, but he was innocent, he didn’t mean to kill him ): Were you innocent or a T? You were innocent.

He was an innocent boy ): Who will win this battle?! Red shirt: JC just asked me for my gun ):< Give it to her, give it to her why not. Give her a gun. What yeah, it's a good idea. I should have a meat shield, ye you aim and pump.

Did she just shoot? Red shirt: AY SHIT JUST SHOT Did she just get bored or was she- OKAY ITS SIMON! Did I just meme him in the face one shot noscope?! XD Simon’s did I just noscope you with a shotgun? Were you a T? You were and I got you a gun- Dammit! In the end in that last game all the t’s ended up being dead But also all the innocent people in the town were dead as well, so we started up again and once again.

And once again I was an innocent, protecting myself from the t’s Kyle I trust you for once. Did- Do you want to just stick together? Do you want to just stick together? Poy is looking around, really..

. He’s being edgy… wait, shhhh What are you doing over there? What are you doing, Jaycee? Why do you have a gun out Jaycee? Why are you coming towards me? I can’t dodge at this distance, Jaycee. Jaycee? Jaycee.

.. Jaycee. back up back up Jacy. Keep a distance, keep your distance He just threw- did he just throw a knife? Did he just throw a knife? Dude Jaycee just merked that kid… YOHO! YO! Poy: YO BITCH! AY WTF! He shot him! He shot him! He shot- he shot Jaycee! Dayton: Oh shit.

.. Poy: Don’t touch the gun! don’t touch that gun! Don’t touch that gun! Dayton: Can I have the pin- Poy: NO! Dayton: You cant have two guns! Poy: SIMON! Simon: Can I grab the gun (; Dayton: Don- I’m out of here.

I’m not dealing with this shit! I’m not dealing with this shit! I’m out! I’m outtie. I’m howdy XD Jack! oh shit, you’re dead? Do you have a gun or anything? Jack: Nope. Dayton: Shit, well I guess you were an innocent then.

Guys jack is dead down here somebody who is down here killed him! No, no no no. I heard, no I swear to God. I swear to God Poy and Jacy are working together! The Person in Front: I DONT TRUST YOU I swear to god Poy and Jacy are working working together.

So let’s shw- she is trying to kill me! Cut! Kill Kyle! (Screaming) Jaycee just shot at me! Guy on the ground: I dont like bieng in the middle of this! Jaycee! Why did you shoot at me Jacy!? She killed Jaycee.

She just tried- I tried to be nice and she just- HO that went right by my ear! Who is the detect boi? Who is the detect bo- I don’t trust you either get your bottom out of here! Jaycee just tried to kill me!!! Jaycee: BECAUSE YOU KILLED COOPER! I didn’t- puh.

Cooper, did you get killed by- by Kyle? Cooper: No you can’t say remember. Dayton: Boi, I’m pretty sure it’s just you and me and I’m an innocent. Cooper: Jaycee is still alive! Dayton: No I killed her.

Cooper: Jaycee are you still alive? Dayton: What? Who is left alive? Someone: I think you’re the last one Dayton: Pat are you dead? You killed Pat! You are a T weren’t you? T: Yea Dayton: Dammit! I Knew it! At the end of that round I was the final innocent alive so we moved on to the last round where I was once again again Choosen as the T.

In this round my job was to kill all the innocents and the detective before the game was over. Can we do the- HE IS A T KILL HIM! hahaha. Ref: Alright everybody! Game starts now! Dayton: Oof Ref: GAME STARTS NOW! (A lot of screaming) Dayton: Okay Pat you want to trust each other today? Testing! Pat: Yo! Yo! We are an impenetrable- inpenerd-impenetrable force of death.

inpe- penetrater butt force of strength Who’s shooting?! Who’s shooting?! I just built ate it right there. ( Sorry what?) Zack is trying to shoot the people! Someone: Ay! Fuck! (screaming) Dayton: (Evil laughter) You want me to kiss eh the barter? Guy Answers: Yees Dayton: I can blur it and it’ll be fine.

Oh no Kyle is still alive Poi: WTF! Poi: You can shoot me and I will fucking kill you dog Did you don’t see me like what the. Oh no, haha, were you just blank firing? You get the most accuracy if you have no ammo.

Anyways, that’s it for this episode guys I hope you enjoyed, more TTT is gonna be coming to you guys soon. I’m gonna have more camera angles once again. This is just a little warm-up. See if you guys are still wanting me to do TTT like I said Hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a comment for what you guys might want to see in a future one and we will see you guys on the next one.


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