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I Have a Moan – Airsoft Sniper Ambush – Silverback SRS


What kind of kills do you guys find most satisfying? For me is getting up behind an enemy taking them out, without them even knowing I was there. Before I go into a bit of gameplay footage, I just want to talk to you about cheats and cheat calling. It’s going to be a bit of a rant, So if you’re just here for some gameplay, skip to about 3:10, that should do it something I hear games quite frequently I’m guessing a lot of you guys do hear it as well. Is “Cheat Calling” And one of the types of cheat calling I hate the most goes as follows… “I definitely hit that guy! I saw him flinch” So I just want to show you a couple of clips from my scope cam footage from my last game, that proves the theory wrong. that if somebody flinches you definitely hit them. So here’s the first clip see the guy right in the center there, I’m going to show it to you normal speed normal zoom see if you can see where the bb lands and watch the guy flinch.So this guy’s about 60 meters give or take a few meters which is about 180 feet or so and seeing a six millimeter BB with a naked eye at that range is going to be pretty tough and some people will see him flinch and just think he’s not taking his hit. Let’s zoom it in slow it down a bit. The guy hears the Geoffs 0.43 bb slap against the tree, shits his pants, and does what any normal human reaction would be and that is flinch. Here’s another guy here, not so much of a big flincher this time, but definitely there’s a reaction there I’m using a Runcam 2 with a 35 millimeter lens which gives you I don’t know around about 8 times zoom or something like that.And I had to zoom this one in and slow it right down, just to see where that BB went to. So again this guy’s probably about 60 to 70 meters away, and I had honestly no idea whether I’d actually hit him or not so take a look at the normal footage and see if you can see what happens. Let’s slow it down zoom it up and see if we can see where tht bb went to.And you can see he notices the BB and there’s a little flinch just… there So it hits something, I don’t know what it hit, it hit a twig or something like that and as you can see it just goes about an inch or two to the right of this face. Here’s another clip. This guy was so lucky this time. I missed him by just a couple of millimeters. And here it is in normal speed with normal zoom. And slowed down and magnified. You can see there, it just glimpses the tree. The guy hears
it, gets himself into better cover, and probably needs a change of underwear, after the game has finished. So you’re probably all thinking “Yeah, cool story bro!” What is moral of your story Airsoft Camman? I guess what I’m trying to get at, is these days I’m getting a bit more sick of the actual “cheat callers” rather than I am the cheaters. I don’t actually think there’s as much cheating that goes on out there in Airsoft of games, as what people actually think there is.I’m thinking like 9 times out of 10, when somebody thinks somebody’s cheating, they’re probably not. The Scope Cam has definitely changed my views on this as well making me realize I’m not quite a good shot that I thought I was and there’s so many different things out there they’re that can affect my shots. So guys if you think you’ve encountered somebody who is cheating, Go and report it to a Ref or a Marshall, Before you tell him to “Call his f**king hits!” I’ve got that off my chest now, let’s play some Airsoft. The enemy team has got a bloke called Geoff on a stretcher, and we’ve set up an ambush to try and take Geoff.Lucky for these guys I couldn’t hit a barn door at 10 paces. But it sends them into a bit of a frenzy. they know there’s a sniper out there taking potshots at them. They just don’t know where from yet. I thought my rifle was firing blanks. So I change magazines. But it turns out I did fire a BB, and I did hit him. Anyone seen Geoff? Do you know where Geoff is? They’ve got Geoff over there? Can we not get Geoff back off them? Can we capture Geoff? If we can get Geoff… We’ve got him now have we? Blue Team still got him? “Camman, your 12 O’Clock” “You see him?” No “Left hand side of the net.” yeah yeah Geoff’s free boys, Geoff’s free. “There 2 enemies in the woods on the left at 9 o’Clock.” How far out? “About 30-50 meters” Right “But there’s also one or two with Geoff.” Yeah, Geoff is free now, I just took them out. Watch your left hand side lads, watch your left.Well done lads. .


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