Home Airsoft Gameplay Hudson Valley Airsoft Gameplay (Tac house uncut) 4/10/16

Hudson Valley Airsoft Gameplay (Tac house uncut) 4/10/16

Hudson Valley Airsoft Gameplay (Tac house uncut) 4/10/16

so we were just doing the flash ground first have you guys thought another time we got to make sure we do a one room at a time probably wandered off because then you just can’t move so they can shoot if you’re in the sight of the door and that door was open they’re not only yeah you can’t let you step out of it yeah you can’t do that you kid like you could be in the room and you could like look around your room you can’t leave the room what’s your defense so we’re just discussing our evil plan yeah and then look how ridiculous it is you put a stent extended mag in it man that’s what I just that’s the only thing I used last round man and I’m still pretty good with it Wow all right so each other this is a world I feel like there’s way too many defenders whatever we’ll still know what I personally do is every time there’s something on the floor I pick it up and just a poor man it worked pretty well on my strategy at least it’s the zigzag across rooms because it’s if you clear water up then you get that and you get the advantage to the next row yeah the last year I don’t think were you up here before the last round last round we played there’s four little kids all they do is swear and shoot each other they’re all like eight oh my god it was terrible yeah but no these are like kids like his size kid tell me like oh yeah but they’re like your height but they’re all they’re literally like all eight and they’re all I go I think kill yourself yeah that’s such a small little door you just throw it on yeah also every time you clear a road and turn the light on so we know it’s empty you don’t worry anything on your head all right that’s what I think if I was bought at home thumbs up for it alright so basically that real so yeah I hate what people like like I engaged a couple of where I shot them first he shot me I call it fatal that’s what you have to make sure that’s my issues because like when i hit people i don’t have a mag to ante on yeah I could shoot a few bb’s but like mom does I’m doing that last game I finish with one BB lot but there’s a voter my lot changed from last there’s also like 1504 response for I think four okay three back there’s four yeah there’s like oh gosh dude well actually there’s how many there’s actually seven along this forehead just this so like tempting the shoe look at it isn’t there no this kids just like he’s like hell no some kid along me a light before is the greatest thing ever the Gila celebrating the finger oh my god he white every on limited yeah that’s what I thought okay I mean they could have three response lists are on our side but like now when they die their attackers correct yeah yeah that’s how it was annoying yeah usually sir sir please don’t you it’s not worth it man I’m waiting for someone up there to be like no shooter and they’ll be like [ __ ] a keg all right goochie goochie goochie goochie goochie so you guys know um today all right you know what to do all right all right no so remember no hallway contact oh no don’t worry clear wait all right clear clear all right you watch that this room there’s a second yeah well this say this I’m pretty sure this room’s clear I just I don’t know where the light switch is with this doors closer all right from what I can see I can’t see a person so is that enemy contact our office all right just I’m watching that one too I don’t see anyone I are you hit alright I don’t let him out let him out that’s coming through you just have to leave a little bit more in I would have Sawyer yeah baby home attacker alright guy hey Dad common throw alright alright so we’re back alright alright so clearly there’s someone in there I know my leg hurts man oh I guess what happened – no holy I’m sorry yeah alright guys bull’s eye biggest we gotta figure how many of them or how many of them were in their group because we’re are they have to split up there – so there’s people so yeah yeah we’re not because I died that little bit oh here Michael watch out watch out what we’re gonna do what I’m gonna do is yes the door closed all right so they’re gonna set up right there I’m gonna kick open the door they’re just gonna fire well no you can’t kick down there you could kick it open goddamn it or maybe not that light is right yeah II gotta because there’s no one back there look at all that stuff is it that great well guys are they says mice $3,000 pure leather sofa looks yeah you could tell I have an animal sorry I was explaining my exotic couch they see Dad door opens please it open all the way though he’s gotta be on the right there’s no we don’t know we got it we got some job you have a right book wait we need someone right there is that on the right side you’re I’m being I’m just watching that too because I feel like what no I just ride across me what you want me to cuff you all right I’ll go fine I [ __ ] shot him my god I just wake him up don’t even say it oh my god he’s definitely chant what guys he dead yet how the hell is he not dead well I can’t feel my finger now I’ll let you know that one help how is he not dead guys I mean I definitely hit him I mean don’t worry oh you guys saw my finger I can’t bend it right we’re here I thought there was is that holy contact where is he and his run perfect because I’m pretty sure I hit man well it’s [ __ ] why ran across Keith bachelor I hold my GoPro pick that up that’ll make a nice cheater video yeah hey man you’re standing right there I’m standing right here I’m just going to hand you something ready you’re gonna I’m gonna try to hand you something I’m working on all right are any of those doors open down there yeah no there’s people up servo we’re trying to clear this the thing that’s dude I’m pretty sure I hit him right in the face here’s the thing huh no cuz we need a full team big off I was up there before that that’s hectic he’s still a car it makes me mad because when I ran across I swear to God I went to school please behind the couch and it had hit him and then when I peeked around I just called it I called my you’re on warehouse we’ve hit you plenty of times it’s not life or death digi a hit man I’ve been I ran across a shot you before man he’s not calling hits all right here all right guys this what needs to happen cuz clearly this he’s not gonna call his hits until he’s hurt well I can’t I have he’s gonna do his dumb [ __ ] in our parents oh all right do not fire everyone hold your fire he’s gonna shoot you what I’m waiting for the rough to get shot it’s going on YouTube and if you didn’t get hit so that room so the room that that guy came out of turn the light on to them the light on if you get the chance alright wait do we don’t we just yeah there we check back here alright I just want this either last time that mattress is against the wall alright guys where are we looking at right now ready guys see what I have in my hand we’re gonna split oh damn it you know I quit airsoft all my gears for sale guys buy this pistol and a half I just I don’t the thing is I don’t know if they’re in there and that’s because yeah alright okay right across because then he yeah this one I know we need someone go right there they run there alright this room’s definitely there you’re clear in there you’re clearing there just turn the light on and look over here there’s one second yeah there’s gotta be whoa look an Xbox game oh it’s empty dis oh that was a good game though all right that games empty man contact so he’s in this room right here I’m watching the right door measure go in there okay I need car fly underwater cost guy well there’s not much space to run across okay okay but that runs clear yeah three two one Devon Carter where do you want to go you know hey I don’t want to go through this [ __ ] again of noctilum hand left side no one saw Michael here turn the light on check that one all right ready yo yo nobody’s gonna bring you look we’re here now we got a shuttle back and forth coming through Wow which I just live the two guys that just that man coming through don’t oh I thought you guys were about to get yourself thrown out I hope you like god damn all right did we check back here I just feel like be like ha guys this is my exquisite sofa he’s in the corner no I do not fix it I just I just didn’t feel it you know I’m bleeding out of my body but I’m not him it’s just always wow this is the nicest chair ever going retail value 12,000 powers we should kick off hold what or the doorway right there there right not you him the doorway right there how many babies do they kid to eat before they call his I’ve never said I hit down but it to do before I know I guess yeah I was here not too long hey better to call it that wonder what it worse come on guys does anyone have a light does anyone know where the light switch is right I’ll just get that so his shots are hitting there so he’s got to be right here oh you need the other mag why no that’s what I figured it’s gonna happen we’ve the sound effects add five horsepower I’m telling ya guys there’s five minutes remaining you outta ammo no all right we all think it’s nice yeah I should have filled up the other goddamn hags where is he I’m gonna find one I’ve got this guy’s let’s go there’s no I know the empty foreign aid of my train guys I have something that could yes all right we’re all to go for it so perrolli he’s not in this room anymore he’s over here all right so parishes well that’s why you have a limited respawn I know Yeah right I’ll go in who I’ll see one another I know you he’s got a flashlight he’s that play like what wait so that’s so that’s uh please wait one moment standby we should there just went upstairs so what about why he’s right you know where the couch is back there yeah right on the right I swear to God I mean I can’t guarantee anything but I’m dude he’s right there where is this guy’s is the guy in this room too these guys are uh hey hey hey kochu hey you got me but good hold off though man oh whoa I don’t multiple one just left I’m pretty sure I think there are matters that song today I got five shots in my pistol Oh guys all right hi all my big went in there damn it we’re gonna find another one guys I got another thing no wait wait guys guys guys guys guys guys I still happen to have another functioning grenade right is it clear this check all right clear got less than three minutes go I wanna get up there to go see I can’t guarantee you that I hit that but I thought I said I just I don’t know the amount of Hamel that we shot it guys I have about five DBS I got one it’s just he said we have less than three minutes oh that light is flashing in my eyeballs oh those ricochets her no those well I have five B B’s pistol probs good you know you can turn on the light to the room right yeah I know but but there’s like oh no oh they’ll see us anyway all right guys I have hi guys I’m back yeah I took it takes forever to roll with this hey you take one of these no no wait you’re hit you join the attacking team yeah but you get respawns we have unlimited Michael take that take watch do the greedy a do we have a correlation to what court oh my god do we have a location I don’t know where to go through a minute I’m hit do you want me to walk down the stairs nope go alright I walk down one stair I am proud of myself alright guy in the far left room there’s a guy with the tracer so if you see a white coming your way he’s shooting at you yes but it could be populated all right you know my dad well nobody see what I got – okay oh yeah and the guys all throw this perfectly functioning grenade and they’re direct a perfectly functioning hold it upside down like a gangsta yeah oh all right ready I’m gonna I want that was in a black fire I looked right at you do you have ammo is everything is tactical when you play airsoft everything gets back there cool oh wow that hurt like I’m suffering man they call me everything but good at this game but no I don’t have my pencils coming out don’t you and I’m out of ammo I retire one I’m so happy guy stop shooting that’s great


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