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HSGI Taco Pouches for Airsoft | Fox Airsoft


Hey guys. Jarrod over here at Fox Airsoft showing you the HSGI Taco Pouches. We are proud to be carrying the taco pouches from high speed gear international now. And I want to go over what makes these a very unique pouch. So notice the design of the taco pouch is uh… one continues piece of fabric that’s uh… that is tacked together and it has plastic pieces on each side and then woven around all of that is one continuous bungee cord. And that bungee cord is adjustable on the back side here you have a slide piece that allows you to uh… to tighten down or loosen up that bungee cord uh as needed and the concept behind HSGI Taco pouch is that it really is a very versatile pouch.You can fit anything from your standard m4 mag and notice it has very good retention. To an AK47 mag you can go all the way up to mags as wide as an m14 mag or wider. And notice i did all that without even adjusting the bungee cords. So if you adjust bungee cord you can get into uh into different tensions depending on what your needs are. So it is a very versatile pouch it offers excellent retention. uh… they come in of multiple different styles and got your single rightful they have a double rifle they have a double-decker which is one that looks like this right here they give you a single rifle on the back and a single pistol on the front mounted permanently right to the front of it. Each pouch is going to come with an appropriate number of malice clips. These little guys were made by tackle tailor they are excellent it does take a little little while to get these things onto your gear uh but once you do they are one of the best pouches out there.So check out the new HSGI taco pouches on fox airsoft dot com Fox Airsoft 10244 Progress Lane Parker, CO 80134 (888) 316-7816 .


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