Home Airsoft Cheaters HPA – It’s Not Just for Speedsoft (Airsoft Wolverine MTW)

HPA – It’s Not Just for Speedsoft (Airsoft Wolverine MTW)

HPA – It’s Not Just for Speedsoft (Airsoft Wolverine MTW)

I’ve always been a bit negative when it comes to using HPA in airsoft. but my opinions have slowly been changed. Finally seeing the stealth capabilities firsthand of HPA rifles I looked into taking the leap into the dark world of high pressure airsoft and that’s when I found the wolverine MTW.

My first game of the MTW is a field with mixed terrain you start off playing CQB around the urban area. I always find, with an AEG, as soon as you pulled the trigger you generally give your position away.

With the suppressor attached to the MTW is extremely quiet and the enemy have no idea they’re being fired upon until it’s too late. The next game is in an overgrown wooded area. With a full-auto on the MTW will come in handy to get my bb’s through the bushes.

That annoying you can hear as a sound of these missile objectives that must be disarmed by the opposing team. The MTW is so quiet the enemy keep coming back to the same area, as my position hasn’t yet been compromised The enemy team again frustrated because they can’t push forward.

We get orders to fall back. WHAT?! That was close. My position is now being compromised, so I drop back but I get friendly fired. HIT!!! That is not what I think it is is it? It is yeah. ******* Hell! Do you want a go? Yes please mate.

It’s just as good as you think. Mate kane it! Go for it. Oh, f**king hell. It’s got some recoil! I love it! The game is now switched, now it’s my team’s turn to disarm the objective missiles. Watch your right mate! Watch you right! First missile disabled! A number of my team members are being taken out on the left-hand flank.

It’s time to go on the stalk and investigate.


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