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How to Use your Gas Gun in the Cold | Airsoftology Mondays

How to Use your Gas Gun in the Cold | Airsoftology Mondays

hey everybody welcome to airsoft ology Monday’s the show that answer your questions help shot in a pinch and also rounds out an entire year this is actually the first year full year of airsoft ology Monday’s even though I started it back in 2014 this rounds it up actually this is show 75 I think which is crazy and I want to take this moment before we get anywhere into the questions to say thank you for an amazing 2015 here on the channel without you guys especially you yeah you right there this would be nothing I mean I am truly humbled that you guys join me here every Monday and then of course on the channel with reviews and everything else and watch what I put out you guys are freaking awesome the channel is actually grown over two and a half times since January of this year so it’s two times larger than I started the year which is mind-blowing also thank you for supporting the gameplay footage I’ve been putting out it’s something new on the channel getting into this gameplay series and I’m really glad you guys are digging that if you wouldn’t see something different or whatever mix it up let me know down here in the comments if you want to see you know something added to a Monday show if you want to see them change it in format anything like that I’m always listening to your guys suggestions it’s not just your questions but your input and that’s what helps me make this channel great for something you guys want to watch but enough gushing about how awesome you guys are let’s dive in to some lost questions some great ones from the last few weeks in the palco mail call hilarious csgo vids right hey since you play so much next day are you still sore or are you just simply used to it I play two to four times a month and I’m extremely sore every time thanks I actually have a name for this in the entry question yes I am sore because an airsoft I end up using a lot of really weird muscles like squatting and sprinting and in ducking that you don’t normally use even when you go out jogging or even hit the gym which I’m not doing enough of lately but I call it the airsoft hangover you may have actually heard me mention it a long time ago and so in the early shows especially after the big milsim ops I have a huge ear soft hangover where your body just aches and all these really weird muscle groups and Sewer and you’re just drained playing you know locally you get the same result whether you’re CQB playing skirmishes at your local field or even like said the big ops it seems to be the same for me in fact CQB gives me some of the weirdest aches and pain is just because of the nature of squatting and moving and going from low cover to high cover and all that and shooting offhanded so yeah absolutely I as much as I try to stay in shape as best I can with the editing schedule and all that I still end up pretty sore after most games Steve writes what happened to all the airsoft mp5s used to be so many options like G&G classic army cym a morally etc the only ones I can get now are the Elite Force vfc ones which I can’t afford or the plastic competition mp5 a4 which has a bad rate of fire so yeah that’s kind of what happens when you have Licensing and especially with like HK and some of the big licensing names out there they’re gonna come in and really regulate the industry and it’s what elite force did and only force does work with different vendors now the price point on these are a little higher because you are paying that royalty that goes back to HK so you’re like well you know hey the VF C’s are kind of expensive well yeah well in that price there’s a chunk of money that does go back to HK that elite force or Ebor X or whatever they don’t even see they get it and that money gets transferred right over as a commission or a royalty for running like said the logo on the gun so that’s why the prices are a little higher these days and I do hear you on the competition ones the rate of fire on those are pretty darn low especially the mp5k that’s an easy fix though if you guys want to do that grab one of those toss a new motor in especially be getting something it’s like on the higher Tour Grange and we’ll fix that problem for you no issue at all I mean drop that motor in rock and roll but to your point yeah G&G had a fantastic one in fact the leaf horses license ones before the VFC they’re premium line are their elite line was G&G and I do miss that SD you mentioned in your question as well I wish they would come out with an SD I’ve actually talked to the guys that leave for us apparently there’s not a huge like draw or huge want for that model and that’s why they’re not producing at least right now but if there is a need they will produce that but yeah that’s kind of where you’re stuck I mean the only other way to do it if you want to work around it and I definitely don’t recommend this is go looking outside the country where there may be different licensing and you may be able to get a broader array of license in different markets but then you run a huge risk of bringing that in and having it seized by customs so it’s not something you probably want to do so yeah either save your pennies up for the VFC which is a great gun or just do a motor swap on that competition one should be good to go ghostly doctor writes hey Jonathan Ive Academy mp7 and love it but the cold weather really takes a toll on the functionality of the gas magazines is there an easy way to reduce this things so yeah Green gas or any kind of gas like that in the blowback world especially is rough in the wintertime and cold fortunately with the mp7 you do have an interesting situation that might be solvable by an old trick I used to have so if you have like an m4 gas blowback which I mentioned in a question earlier or an MP 7 gas blowback in your case the mags tend to extend or especially for the extended piece of the mags way out from the bottom of the grip on the mp7 when I found that works well in the winter time is to get some of those hot hands you know those like those iron based hand warmers usually fit in your pocket you can pick them up in any big-box store for like a buck for like a couple of them put those get them activated get them warm and I take them around my magazines it just puts enough heat to keep those mags warm for you even when they’re sticking in your pouch is sticking up vertically that may not be the coolest looking thing because are kind of white looking you’re gonna have like duct tape or whatever you’re gonna use around it make sure not tape them all the way on they do require a little bit of air to activate so they need a little bit of oxygen in there to breathe so don’t like just seal them on all the way so like a couple things of electrical tape or a little bit of duct tape around it to keep them around that part of the mag should keep your mags warm enough to actually use them just fine in the win time I found that works pretty darn well for me it’s not a perfect solution but it works decently the other of solution is you know jam them in your pockets you know the actual magazines themselves to keep them warmer or anything you do to keep them warm between games but yeah due to the nature of cold weather and green gas and that’s probably the best solution I can say for you unfortunately it doesn’t work on pistols but on mp7 you’re set alright guys that’s it for questions this week which means it’s time for the Cobra headsets video recommendation of the week and this one is a channel believe it or not I’ve never highlight on here and it’s one I watch and I subscribe to I can’t believe it and I forget a couple you guys like recommended down there in the comments section for the channel in the video and this is bow jumps airsoft you guys don’t follow jumps it’s another sniper but on this big sniper kick I don’t know why I just I think I play a lot of CQB since I’ve been here in SoCal so it’s kind of like the polar opposite but yeah bow jep’s is a fantastic cypher channel and i have safe you’ve never ended the channel check out this video that i have right over here floating over my shoulder and is the airsoft cheater caught on camera it’s really hard to hide from a skilled cam and he does a great job with those scope cams and like I said I think last week I did a sniper video just something so cool about watching that beanie travel in the air and just one in the air and boom getting your enemy so neat but yeah it puts on a fantastic video I love the pacing of his videos and they’re really enjoyable to watch especially if you guys are into those up close and personal scope cam videos so if you never check to chill out you head on over there watch the video and if you like what you see hit the old subscribe button well guys that is it for airsoft ology Mondays and actually that’s it for airsoft ology monies for 2015 the next show is going to be in 2016 and I’m working on some format changes a little bit just a little bit kind of make it look different right now you guys are probably tired of the couch and the thing and I want to find a way to get the patch wall back into it and I think I’ve got it figured out so 2016 is going to be great and also let me wish you guys a happy new year enjoy your time enjoy the new year with friends and family and celebrating and I will see you back here in 2016 also oh don’t forget I do up here self that he patches they’re still on sale up on the store I’ve got the PVCs and just a couple greens left I think I have 9 or 10 green ones I can’t remember the exact count but it’s super low on the numbers so if you guys are looking at the green there’s seven dollars shipped anywhere in the world the PVC is in yellow the environment Brown our $10 ship worldwide that’s everything price all and included in US dollars so again guys I will see you next year but until then go out play some airsoft have some fun but no matter what you do call your freaking heads


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