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How to test your Airsoft Guns Power

How to test your Airsoft Guns Power

sup YouTube which boy Killa Kyle here today here with my buddy Jesus sad what’s going on boo miss me we’re gonna be checking out how powerful airsoft guns are so here’s what we got first we’re gonna start it off with three spring pistols move down just a co two pistols and then finally we hit some aegs so she’s gonna be our test subject it’s pretty cold out so they should have hurt a little more like 20 degrees you know what he’s gonna go shirtless go okay so come on we’re doing a spring p230 also known as a pea shooter let’s try it out so close back up next up we have a Crossman stinger p30 let’s try this one next we got a spring m1911 this is actually a really good one and that’s it for Springs now we’re going to move on to the co2 pistols we’re going to start off with a an air bag which is by Crossman non blowback piece of [ __ ] next we’re going to shoot at Walther p99 blowback so this excellent moving on to the aegs this is the best part hey here we go this is a Crossman pulse our 7x here this baby can do now we have my favorite which is the m4a1 and this is going to do some damage and for extra accuracy from the scope here’s the 24 I’m going to fall although he doesn’t know and there you go okay so now we have the aftermath oh geez oh oh my gosh dude these are the front oh geez that’s like one shot right right the belly button haha and I shot him in the ass ooh I’ll be back next time the thing is I hate the more pain for joining alright guys that’s a wrap as you can see still bloody still in pain hmm alright guys have a good day


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