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How to spoil an airsoft game

How to spoil an airsoft game

Hello there! Welcome to our Airsoft University! Today we would like to introduce six simple steps for how to spoil an airsoft event. You can use it in milsim, CQB, simply anytime and anywhere. We don’t want to teach you how to cheat.

It’s not about cheating. This is something more artistic. When you improve your skills, you can easily break or destroy your enemy tactics and I can tell you — nobody will want to play with you. Watch and learn.

Come with me. And don’t forget the respawn takes one hour, red team attacks and the blue team has to defend the fortress. Any questions? I have two questions: How long is the respawn and what am I suppose to do? Hey, you are out! Hey you are out! Go! – Why aren’t you calling your hits? – You didn’t hit me! How about now?! Go go! Easy man! Hey! I shot you first, you are out! Go out! Hey, you are dead.

You are out! Hey, hey you behind the tree, you are out! You are out too! – You didn’t hit me! – I shot you first! You are out! You are dead. All dead. – You are hit! – I thought you were dead. You were wrong.

Hit! You are hit! Your squad will be here. Hey, but there is an Enemy Base. Is it? – Yes. – Sorry. – Here. – All right. And your squad, will be there. But there is an Off Zone. Never mind. We need a patrol there.

Ok, sir. copy. Dismiss. Maybe you have noticed the further from camera I stand, the worse my voice sounds. – But you can still hear me clearly. – And from now you can hear me clearly too. It’s because we are using the microphones.

We are professionals. If you want to become professional like we are, you must learn. Sometimes we are here and sometimes we are there. We know a lot of tricks. So, learn with us. See you next time in our Airsoft University.


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