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How to move with an airsoft gun

How to move with an airsoft gun

Dear friends, in today’s Airsoft University we would like to talk about how to move with an airsoft gun. The ability to move properly brings the victory. So let’s start! Oh, here comes the first student.

Oh welcome! – What was that? – He was a spy. – Are you shure? – He was from rival Airsoft University. How do you know? I have a picture of him. See? – But he does not look much like that. – So it maybe wasn’t him.

Never mind. Other students! Hello! The first and crucial thing is that you must be able to move silently. You are not allowed to make any noise. – We will try that out. – You can change your dress. Yes? Call me later.

You can’t talk. Use only sign language. And don’t forget the trigger discipline! Hit! Are you normal? I am probably hit. The next important thing is the movement behind the corner. If we want to get behind the corner, we must find out, if there is nobody in there.

Hit! Let´s see what he will come up with. One of the options is to distract their attention. Fire? Hit! Hit! And now we will show the best way how to get to the room. You have several options and several styles.

The Hitman style. And now the gangsta style. You can use grenades. Donn’t forget to throw grenade to the room you want to enter. Or you can use your brain. Is this the HQ please? Yes. This is HQ of anti terrorist squad.

What do you want? May I talk to the captain, please? He is not here. He is at the canteen. I have a parcel for him. Could you please pass it to him? I am his right hand in everything. I will bring it to him.

Thank you but don´t forget into his own hands. Captain! Hit! This is our first student. Sorry for the accident. – Sorry, it was my fault. – It was his fault. – It’s a present? – Yes. Thank you. See you next time in our airsoft university.

– Bye. – Bye. Let’s go to open it. What is this? Snake!


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