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How To Make An Airsoft DMR Loadout

How To Make An Airsoft DMR Loadout

hey guys it’s falcon from an imperial recon team and today we’re gonna be showing you what you should be wearing in your loadout if you want to be a designated marksman hey guys if you’re wondering why falcon introduced this video because i was in the can well this is robo from a paler recon team and today we’re gonna be showing you how to do a DMR kit now I highly recommend a pair of light combat boots this makes running extremely easy and they still get the job done next if you’re gonna be effective I recommend a belt kit this is because it allows you to lay on the ground in it’s super lightweight as you can see I have four mags a pistol and a belt pouch now my rifle it’s got a good scope a bipod and a for grip you want all of these to be an effective rifleman this is my face protection and I use this because it allows me to show ball or to shoulder the rifle more effectively in the boonie well the boonie makes you look cool now if you’re in this sport you’re generally gonna want a pair of gloves these protect your fingers from getting shot and we all know that just ain’t fun and the sling you’re gonna want to sling because this allows you to just let go of your rifle and go for your sidearm if needed the last thing you’re gonna need is a good camo a good camera will allow you to blend in with your environment so that you don’t be a spotted before you spot them all right now obviously your loadout isn’t the only thing you want because I mean no matter what cool belt you have on if your gun can’t shoot straight then you’re not going to be a good DMR so upgrades is what counts 99% of the time here now I’m gonna be doing a tech series on how to upgrade these in more into specifics than what I’m going to be doing now all right now it’s just the basics now starting from the back you’re gonna need a good battery in the stock and buy good battery I mean not the one that came with your gun you go to the store buy a nice battery get a nice charger with it too that way your battery will actually last you now moving on over here you’re gonna want a good motor you need aftermarket one mainly sometimes the ones that have come with it will be sufficient but the reason for this is the better the motor and the better the year setting the better the piston the more snappy your trigger response is gonna be and by that I mean you’ll be able to take follow-up shots a lot quicker this is good because if you miss your first shot and it takes too long for you to fire your shut second one then the guys gonna be gone he’s still gonna live and kill more of your teammates so moving on from here up into the gear box as I said earlier you need a good gear set and you can choose the ratio on those gears you got a little bit of leeway there I’ll go into more specifics on that in the actual tech video for a DMR right now it’s just the basics but let’s get a nice gear set SHS makes some good ones they also make nice Pistons which are gonna need if you’re gonna raise the FPS which is something you need to do with the DMR because you have a higher FPS limit out of field usually if you’re a DMR so usually you want to take advantage of that so you can push the BB out further now no I am NOT saying that FPS makes your gun more accurate or shoots further but after everything else is completely upgraded the only thing that’s limiting you is your FPS so if you’ve got more energy behind your BB then yes your gun will shoot further it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more accurate because what that relies on is the hop-up unit in the hop-up unit you’re gonna want to definitely get a nice barrel I’m not gonna go into specifics on whether or not it should be a tight bore or a wide bore cuz there’s a lot of debate on that right now I usually just meet in the middle with a 6.

05 PDI barrel that’s my favorite and I use that in my sniper but you can get prometheus there’s lots of different barrels you can get just make sure it’s a nice one also hop-up wise I’m gonna highly recommend you learn how to our hop it and you do it yourself cuz paying $70 on airsoft GI for someone to are hoppy barrel that’s a waste of money you could learn to do it and it’ll end up better most likely arm up is probably the best hop-up system on the market I know there’s some hop-up nub and bucking combinations that work really well together but I just play it safe and our top my guns you can do flat hop or anything if you don’t know how to do an AR hop but are how we’ll be the best if you’re using heavyweight babies I will have a tutorial video on how to do that up soon obviously with the higher spring you’re gonna want to use a higher weight BB check out our what weight BB you should use video for more information on that this has been rebel from Appirio recon team and I’ll catch you on the field


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