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HOW TO make a full-auto Airsoftgun for 9$

HOW TO make a full-auto Airsoftgun for 9$

All ya need is And BAM Hey, what’s up guys? In today`s video, I am going to show you how to build a full automatic gun for only nine dollars. Here is all what we need. We need a bottle, which is around a dollar and ten cents, then we need some kind of pipe, you could either use a pen, or i would use this one of those speed loaders, right here.

And then you need one of those air pistols, right here you could get for seven dollars at any hardware store. Alright! Let’s build this gun! First step, we have to mount the barrel into the gun itself which would be this bottle here.

then you wanna put it through with a ten milliimeter drill (drilling noises) fit the barrel through like this and then we look how deep it should go inside kinda like that you are going to secure it with hot glue.

this part can dry now and meanwhile we will mount the air pistol into the bottle. Here comes the hard part, we have to insert this from the inside and therefore we need a long stick like this one so we glue on there.

now we have to bring this ozzle here Okay… (mumbling) Here. Now, we add the air pistol Just squeeze together. then the bottle is pretty much already finished all we have to do now is fill the bottle with some bb’s and we insert the barrel while we test shoot this thing lets mount this zoom cam on it to see how accurate it is so here we have it the nine dollar full automatic airsoft gujn i guess all you need now is a supply line of air pressure which is which is connected to an industrial air compressor which you also need by they way Safety first.

Let’s go hot. alright lets go hot did you see that you ready? unforunately the nine dollar plus the 500 dollar industrial air compresser the setup is not that mobile you need to bring this huge thing right here but then you have at least infinite air supply now we gotta test it on these glass pipes and see how much damage this thing can do, because the rubus, as you saw it its pretty crazy and i think also the joules i the energy supply 1 joule but we gotta chrono it later on first i wanna destroy this setup right here second run, this time the target will be bell peppers I never saw that this thing is that effective, the rate of fire is just insane the range is alright for a sidearm let me know in the comments if you wanna see me upgrade this thing maybe put an optic on there maybe a stock maybe a nicer trigger and then i’m probably gonna do a gameplay with this not as a primary but as a sidearm and then i will use this as a back up if its even legal but i think it should be alright a few chronographs so well just double check if were allowed to use it inside are 0.

2 gram bb’s oh yeah yeah its illegal yeah definitely illegal 0.3 H, oh god, that’s nothing. With the rate of fire, it would still hurt a little bit but… i think there gonna allow it at the field I actually wanna do a gameplay with this thing.

up next is the range test of the bottle gun well just shoot in a direction well just measure the distance and well see how far we can shoot let’s go don’t shoot until i tell you safety is on quite nervous you know the bb’s don’t go that far because there’s no hop up but actually i think there’s a lot of energy behind those bb’s 20 meters hit! Okay, 20 meters, no problem for the pop gun Few.

.. Few steps more… Okay! Ready (?) centimeters! i dont know if you can see them but there like flying all over the place its not the most effective gun but then theres no hop up and any gun without hop up is pretty much use less and of course the ammount of air this gun needs is just ridicoulous hope you guys enjoyed this very different video on my channel let me know in the commentsif ypu want to see me upgrade this and make it you know a more usable platform for a game and yeah ill see you guys next thursday


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