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How to Buy THE BEST Airsoft Gun on a Budget (2018)


Hey what’s up everyone instincts here and today I’ll be showing you five easy steps to find the best action that fits your budget so the first thing you want to do is decide which system you want to use this can either be an aeg a gbb an HPA a spring powered system or a hybrid system if you want to know more about these systems take a look at the link in the description down below further ones amongst you that are starting with this awesome sport we recommend you to use an aeg secondly you want to choose a specific model this can only be an assault rifle submachine gun light machine gun we don’t have one let you get the idea a sniper or whatever you picked up from your favorite TV show in your case it’s right back man I love that show so for the third step you want to take a look at several online stores that sell this Astra begins we recommend you to take a look at several stores so you don’t miss out the good stuff as an example we use absolute Kendall tu let’s say we are looking for an assault rifle and we want it to be on AEG now let’s choose a model let’s take a clearing cock now let’s select a budget let’s say we’ve got about two to three hundred euros now you want to take a look at the different brands that manufacture these applicants so in our case the remaining brands are E&C and numerix for the fourth step you want to put the remaining airsoft guns on your list then you want to search internet for reviews internal forums videos or even in social groups then you want to take notes of the good and especially the bad things because they’ll start bothering you after a while yeah so for the fifth step you want to take a look at the information you’ve collected and use this to erase some of their suit guns off your list now you see your list narrowing down to several or even just one airsoft gun if you get the opportunity to hold them in real life make sure to go to a real live store and try them out so it didn’t do the research on these specific models because it’s not important for the purpose of this video but you see it’s a new brand to Europe so thanks to air so P&G you we’ve got a chance to give it a shot and make a review about it take a look at link in the description down below make sure to LIKE subscribe hit that button and we’ll see you guys on that video


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