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How Airsoft Guns Help John Lineker Prepare For UFC Fights – MMA Fighting

How Airsoft Guns Help John Lineker Prepare For UFC Fights – MMA Fighting

I’ll put it as far as possible. I’ll shoot the zombie in the head. Right in the zombie’s head. Check it out. Let’s see how I did. Let’s check it out. Oh, I shot the zombie in the chest, man. It wasn’t in the head, it was in the chest.

I think I killed this zombie now, huh? Yeah, I killed the zombie, guys. A friend of mine introduced me to this sport, airsoft, and I enjoyed it very much since I played it for the first time. It’s a way for me to chill out when I’m training and on a diet.

It’s my way of relaxing. It’s so cool and fun, it’s a dynamic game, so from that point on I never stopped playing. I have a team now, Ataque Paranagua, and we’re always competing, so it’s a fun game for those who like guns.

It’s not a real weapon, it’s a simulation, but it looks so much like a real one. It’s cool to go on missions, too. It’s really close to a war. It’s so fun. How often do you play? Every Sunday, Saturday… I play all the time.

I play a lot, almost every Sunday. My wife gets mad, ‘is this a rule now?’ It is a rule for me. It’s a cool sport, it’s fun. Does that help you in a fight, other than chilling out? For sure. The strategy, you focus on not getting shot, so that helps you in a fight as well.

You think about the strategy, to protect yourself, to defend yourself, so you also bring that to the fight, too. And, of course, feel better mentally in training and in the fight because this is where I clear my head of things that are stressing me.

You enjoy it so much that you even bought your own guns, right? I did, man. I think I bought seven guns already. I have a pistol and four rifles, I believe. I have a lot of airsoft guns now. Your wife complains that you don’t buy her gifts but buy these guns for you, right? She gets crazy when I buy a gun, she wants to buy something for her right away.

But she understands that it’s something good for me because of my training, my diet, so it’s something to relax my head. And it’s good because you practice your aim so it’s good for fight night, right? For sure.

We get our aim sharpened to go there and shoot my friends, too.


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