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HI! BESTA Airsoft here once again for another review today we are going to talk about holsters some with cordura others in plastic we are going to show some pros and cons of them which are better for quickdraws, or those that enable the use of a flashlight types of holsters that exist and whats special about them so first of all for my eyepro police guys out there that are always bugging us I know that we don’t have eyepro on the guns dont have any mags in them the safety conditions are assured so leave us alone lol let’s start with the holster from warrior this holster with some training enables you to do a good and fast draw you only need to press this lever here it detaches from the trigger guard with some practice you may do a fast draw one of the pros of these holster it can accept various models of pistols for those who have lot´s of different pistols this desert eagle doesnt fit lol because it’s a monster but i doubt that someone that carries this model whats to do quick draws and fast pistol action during the game but we tested lots of models of pistols and they all fit here we have here a glock it fits perfectly here a SIG it also fits of course you have to adjust the retention here a 1911 that also fits here so as you can see for you guys that have lot’s of pistols its a great option and you save a lot of money in holsters another pro in this holster this button that releases the trigger guard it protects the magazine release button so you won’t bump it by accident and lose a magazine and we all know that mags arent cheap other holsters that use velcro or those pressure buttons may make you lose mags or even your gun so this is a great option cons if you have a pistol with a flashlight it won´t fit it’s just not possible and the draw isn’t the best because when we draw our pistol and use it the objetive is to grip the gun as high as possible but when using this holster we will always have to make adjustments on the grip with our hand and that is not ideal because we may miss the first shot and only hit our target on the second shot because we are still adjusting our hand it’s one little con with this holster the hand placement is not 100% ideal but it’s a compromise that you have to be wiiling to take if you want an universal holster for several pistols so moving to other holsters this one is well known by you guys out there this holster uses the SERPA system the big pro about this one is…It enables a
quick draw and the hand stays on the right place as you can see here with this finger you press this button and it releases the trigger guard of your pistol so you can grip very well the gun, press the button and draw the weapon the con is the only fits one model of pistol in this case is for glock for this 1911 doesnt accept it for a flashlight i don’t know if there is a specific model that allows the holstering of the gun maybe there is but the big pro is the quick draw that this holster enables you to do and the mag release button is also protected it´s a nice option but you can only use it with a specific model for those who have several pistols it may no be the best choice now we are going to talk about a kydex holster from warrior it´s a great platform this one as a big plus on of them is the use of a flashlight on your pistol but this holster limits you to a specific model of pistol and a specific model of flashlight it’s a downside but if you whant to use the flashlight it’s realy a nice option another con is that the mag release button is not protected by the holster it’s a thing to point out because pistol mags aren’t cheap and these ones from tokyio marui are expensive and losing them is always a pain a big plus like the SERPA holster is the high grip so the hand placement is great and we can draw the gun without moving our hand and fingers we are then ready to shoot it’s just a matter of practice to get better for us the kydex holster my have the quickest draw the SERPA one is the second best and the universal from warrior the least fast and here we have another one in kydex for a pistol only without flashlight just for you to see so these are the holsters that we wanted to show you we used them a lot and are the ones that enable us to be faster of course this universal from warrior for several pistols and these for specific models so regarding holsters that all for today stay tuned for more reviews thanks for watching see you next time


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