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HK416C Airsoft Review

HK416C Airsoft Review

hello YouTube Swiss Boris here giving you an an an airsoft review so today we’re taking a look at ancient K 416 see ya so this is the box that the 416 comes in with some real light H&K logo and no compromise but enough of that let’s open it up pretty standard it’s gonna call with your owners manual with all the information that you need to know about the gun it’s gonna come with its special Peck box because there yeah the way the one is inside the rail system I’m gonna show a little later it’s also going to come with a full metal high-capacity 300 round magazine it isn’t the yes normal high-capacity magazine because there isn’t a winding wheel at the barn it actually has a wine you will at the side with a special tool for it which I’m gonna show you later as well and it also comes with a sling a sling point for your reign system and of course the gun itself so this is how the game looks like it has a full metal construction except for the pistol grip and the pick box so let’s get over the feature on this gun starting up at the back so you got your retractable stock which in free position holding in the middle and all the way out you got your standard 416 selector switch which is really stiff and easy to select with you’ll get this texture s really comfortable pistol grip you get your ball cap for much easier adjustment on your hopper right here and on the left side you also get your ball catch release and you get your flip-up rear front and rear flip up sights you got a monolithic upper rail for attachment before attachment any optics that you need and on the right side here you’re get your mag release and on both the right and the left side you got your h and k license trademarks and right on the dystopia tree really also get your one point sling attachments at the rear and also at the front on both sites the 416 has a really really tight grain system to the upper and lower receiver which makes for no bubble no bubbling at all which I really really like and adds to the realism so you get real system on the top side Sam at the bottom for attaching flashlight grips laser sights everything you need for playing airsoft and of course you have to form an outer and inner barrel and a full metal orange flash hider which is removable of course so I have had H&K 416 C for a little bit more than three months now and I’ve recently recently got out and play with it and you just have to say I am really really surprised with the range and egg to see the gigantic performance on discounts for business eyes and a short-barrel yeah so you’re gonna be able to play CQB because there is a CQB license done and yeah and then you are gonna have no problem playing outdoors with this can either so overall I’m really happy with this gun the only to fly with this gun isn’t big but of course there are some started so the owner flashlight it doesn’t look doesn’t look so good but it is malice enough right on you but data stream it is removable so it isn’t a big problem and I almost with the magazine understand just what 16 doesn’t take like every m4 style magazine as I said it’s a really really nice guy I highly recommend if you are looking for an and four or if you are looking to buy in for 16 I highly recommend getting your scanner so this has been an airsoft you buy squeezed borders if you liked the video please like and subscribe if you have any more questions about this video or the gun itself just leave a comment below thank you guys for watching see another time


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