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HK416 Clear Airsoft Review

HK416 Clear Airsoft Review

hello youtube this is airsoft what every us see you with the heckler & koch for 16 clear airsoft rifle this has FPS of 340 and it has a 250 round mag which is a high cap it has metal barrel in it and it’s got hop-up let me show you where that hop-up is I mean wanna you get to the hop-up by pulling this back a little bit which opens this place right here and the hop-up is right there you focus it in so you can see a little bit yep I’m just gonna keep that closed put this back over here and focus it a little bit next this has an adjustable rear sight which means you can adjust it from left to right and you can also remove it and you can change the settings of the sight let me just try to do it so yeah you can kind of change it a little bit uh however you want baby I’m not gonna mess with that I only have a short time to record this has a 6 millimeter BB or shoot 6 millimeter baby got bb’s and it has a semi-auto right here full auto and obviously a safety and it shows the little pictures right there this 30 would stand for full uh here’s the heckler & koch emblem as you can see it also has a for tactical rails one on this side one on the other side and one on the bottom of one right here this comes with drum stick or not yeah numchuck batteries i should say and let me show you how fast the toots these are fully charged let me show you not too fast now what I did to change the speed of that is I took these out we just get these out I’m doing all this with one hand so it’s a tad bit hard and I took the battery from my mp7 Heckler and Koch and I put it right in here now the reason why I took the battery away from my heckler and koch is are my mp7 sorry about that is because I my mp7 broke somehow after two days it just broke the wires I think might be broken on it or something like that and yes it’s alright gun but it’s got a great rate of fire now let’s take that rate of fire and put it on this gun with a three hundred and forty FPS this kinda has a two forty three forty watch wonderful isn’t it so yeah i really suggest that you change the batteries for it it’s great this also comes with a sling right here where you would put it right on this or the other side it has to and it would go right here which can move so you can kinda get a good feel this has an adjustable stock three settings and the battery is in stock obviously so it’s nothing to worry about instead of being in the front like the mp7 or anywhere else well so let me just think we also have here a turning knob for your for your magazine you set it in there and now you can turn the tension wheel a little bit faster this is the only one that comes with so if you if you lose that you’re kind of screwed a cleaning rod and yeah so that’s basically it right here this is your heckler & koch 416 it’s a beautiful beauty it’s beautiful beaut I guess I don’t know what I just said there but I said something uh and yeah this is it and I think it’s a great gun you guys really get it I’m gonna soon put a holographic sight on this and probably put a flash right flash right while flash light and a laser sight on the other side and a foregrip right here so I’ll be fully decked out I might take this orange tip off and put a suppressor on it I’m still thinking oh yeah this comes down if you press up and just like that sorry forgot about that and yeah so this is your heckler & koch 416 with a different battery I love it and it’s great this is airsoft whatever USA signing up


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