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HK 416 Airsoft Review

HK 416 Airsoft Review

alright what’s up YouTube I’m back again for another video commando here um our new gun the other day it’s the hk416 it’s in 416 you know but it’s called hk416 and i’m uh it’s a really good gun actually I mean for the price I mean I think it didn’t say a price tag on it but I mean I’m pretty sure it was somewhere like a hundred and thirty dollars I’m not sure what it was but it’s a you get a really good quality gun for the price I mean first of all the gun has been of a really hard polymer plastic which is really tough the rails are I mean it’s a really tough I mean I put my grip on here and I shook it around it would not come apart sights both from or flip up the sights have very good quality just flip up sights switch the sight picture just twist this little knob get a fine-tune sight more accurate sight now you get the fatter sight the frontside flip sounds – there’s a little lever here pull up they just locks down right there it’s got a crane stock which is very very comfortable on your cheek as you can see when you just aim down it is very very comfortable on your cheek I mean it is almost couple of guns a hop-up located pull the charging handle located right here this little knob right little gear thing charging handle does not lock the bolt does not lock of course I mean the magazine it’s a really good it’s a pretty good magazine it’s only 250 high-capacity Mac you want it and stuff but there’s some reason it is smaller than a normal size magazine um I’m not sure but it does take normal normal m16 or m4 magazines this is what it looks like I know it’s a little longer but it still takes moving magazines when you put the magazine in it will be a little hard when I first got it I thought it was broken because it wouldn’t go in but I learned you put it in you just have to get it in there and it actually just went right in you have to put it in kind of at an angle if to turn in you see here probably this Holman camera all right basically you have to put it in like that and then shove up really hard or if you just put it in like this and won’t go in now it’s really easy going some reason I guess cuz I put this fatter magazine in there it’s already get in guess it wind it up anyway the battery goes back here pull this down really easy to get out it’s a nunchuck battery I’m not sure what the power is on it but it’s pretty good the gun I mean it’s not the greatest rate of fire I mean it’s a little just a little bit faster than that because it’s been have it charged it but it’s a really good gun it’s got very very very good accuracy it’s got pretty good accuracy from I mean I was shooting about 50 yards away and it had hitting the tree about 9 out of 10 shots so I mean it’s really good um you know I I really think you can use this in a CQB match or a field match but I mean it’s really good gun but it’s really comfortable to hold you can put any kind of optics on it I’m good to think I’ve even put scopes anything put flashlights on the side you can put your grip on it you can take almost any kind of magazine that’ll fit in it and the stock horse goes in and out like that and it’s just all around a really nice gun I mean if you want to spin I’m not a lot of money to get a really good airsoft gun package I think you should get this gun it shoots really good I mean I think the box said like 3 350 FPS which is I’m pretty good I recommend 0.

2 or point 20 whatever you want to call them I’m a bb’s not to 5s because those are a little too idea for this gun it shoots really well with point twos it does it does really good with those they’re strap mounts pretty sturdy you how to strap on here I’ve been carrying around I think it’s metal I’m not yeah it’s metal it’s really good metal both summer metal they’re not gonna fall off on you I’ve used them if I use the strap on it and it’s a really good I mean the gun is just all really a nice quality gun they made a great gun that’s video


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