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HD Stark88 Airsoft Loadout 2012

HD Stark88 Airsoft Loadout 2012

okay welcome to start getting eight loadout video 2012 yeah we’re going to be viewing some of the gear items first and foremost on his weapon he has added a expired Cree torch 400 lumens this thing flashes upon activation of the pressure switch on the foregrip as you can see the brightness of it is impeccable here you will demonstrate how he shall utilize this flashlight in the combat CQB situation as you can see the light is blinking very fastly what else does he got make two thousand helmet integrated with the narrow toast mouth with his stark name on a helmet ban as you get a little closer you’re going to notice the s88 infrared call sign mm s2000 strobe infra red glint square we got custom cut reading of blackjack goggles pretty much we cut it add some velcro now he is able to take that off as at his discretion and use it in case his primary goggle system goes down which is the right now this is the X power it’s a copy of the XO shields works just as good right here you got his helmet band right here got the cat I bands and you got his name on the back rare black balaclava new addition to northeast operators is the use of the tan flight suit on his front what we got here he got a knife in his admin pouch got infrared against he needs to go on in John people’s asses we got an admin pouch right here we got a infra red flag we got his name on it we got four magazine pouch on front we got a radio pod right here usually connected to some kind of headset battle belt what we got is three magazines on his reaction side one magazine on his other side we got a utility pouch for any batteries accessories etc looking on his back we got a modular assault pack very standard in a special operations forces community along with is infrared callsign and square actually tility pouch on the right side and believe all you need is some banger holsters on his primary weapon and you got is your combat machine you got Delta Force style old-school Black Hawk Down caring handle site with a mounted on top we got a red dot sight okay we also have extra protection for his black gloves right this is especially great in cqb when we press the fight getting close with that enemy and avoid serious injuries to the fingers alright going down hope we got I’ll 2 flex knee pads tan and some desert boots all right left side he just has a flag which is mounted in the incorrect position but actually we should have checked this before we are reviewed it anyway when the rear of his battle belt is a dump pouch stack also will demonstrate proper reloading procedures of his primary weapon utilizing his his dump pouch and his magazine pouches along with his Cret torch there you go stark 88 low down 2012 represented not these operators ha ha


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