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Guy Throws KNIVES at Airsoft Players

Guy Throws KNIVES at Airsoft Players

What’s up guys in today’s gameplay, I’m getting a sick knife throw kill, but more about that later in the video Like always on this field it’s extremely windy so I have to compensate for the wind by both tilting the rifle and aiming left to the target.

the wind is also Very inconsistent so whatever angle worked for the previous shot might not work for the upcoming shot. There’s a bunch of guys hiding in the blue container in front since they’re not peeking out very often I will just rush them with my pistol!!! That was rather quick, let’s break it down so my plan here is to run into the container and shoot everything That’s inside Exactly now an enemy moves out of the container since he’s the biggest threat now I have to shoot him and because I’m moving and he’s moving at the same time I have to use the full auto function of my pistol in order to hit him.

Now that guy is down, but my pistol mag is empty And I don’t have a spare one on me my Glock is useless So I just drop it into the lanyard due to the time pressure and pull out my last CQB weapon which is my rubber knife Before I have a look around the corner.

I think I can just run from guy to guy stabbing them with my knife But then I see that this guy already has his gun up ready to shoot me I know I cannot make it so I just throw my knife at him to at least get a trade off My first ever knife throw kill I just had a knife throw kill I was like running you know there’s a building? I wanna run inside and okay There’s three people inside all of a sudden somebody runs out and I go like LELELELELELELE (Gun Noises) Empty the entire magazine then I run to put him like fuck I’m out of ammo so I pull out my fucking knife there’s a guy like turning around so I just throw the fucking knife at him.

.. and I hit him! But he killed me too And he killed me too Just steal a little bit Shooting where ever But if you know I can shoot maybe in Czech Republic there will be again and there will be fun Yeah, you can Why me it’s such a beginner mistake.

Alright, my barrel is clean again, and I’m ready to get back into battle Okay guys that was it for today’s gameplay hope you enjoyed that nice throw kill. If you want to learn more about the guns and the zoom cam I’m using check out the Links in the video description.

This is Novritsch. I see you guys next Thursday


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