Home Airsoft Cheaters Guy Brings Home-made Rigged GRENADE VEST!

Guy Brings Home-made Rigged GRENADE VEST!

Guy Brings Home-made Rigged GRENADE VEST!

[Bang] [Bang] [Silo theme] Hey whats up guys, today we are playing a grenade only video with the Airsoft innovations, Burst XL so I’m here with Novritsch and Fabi’s who’s going to help us try to get close to people because we’re going to be strapped with 30 grenades each on my vest and 30 here And some special ones for some fun stuff later, and ah yeah [Bang] So this is the Airsoft Innovations Burst XL grenade this has become my go-to grenade since it’s incredibly hard to break and it is very very loud It’s a grenade that does not expel bb’s but instead pops a plastic membrane, which proves it’s a really really loud bang You can even make it 50% more loud by adding two of these membranes instead of one But you should only do this at temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius because otherwise the green gas will and pop the membrane really awesome grenade Let’s put it to the test by only using these for an entire game [Bang] Yeah [Covering shots] [Bang] [Bang] [Getting shot at] [Bang] [Bang] [Many shots] [Bang] [Shots everywhere] Oh, hit [More shots] Was it yours, okay, now I need to get my grenades, thanks man Second half of the day is starting And I’ve went ahead and tried to be a little creative with the grenades during the break Basically you can make them go off as soon as you pull the pin so you can even make tripwire mines or strap them to Your own vest and run into your group of people and make sure that you get a bunch of kills that way Keep in mind Airsoft Innovations does not recommend you doing this at all Huh [Bang] [Bang] Woah [Bang] [Bang] [Getting shot at] [Bang] As soon as we sat down here We were getting lit up by the enemy team we need to find another way to get behind the enemy team to get close enough To pull the trigger [Laughing] Here here here [Bang] [Bang] At the end, okay [Bang] [Bang] What yeah Is it okay, oh Oh my god Our plans to move to the right side and jump behind the fence into cover whilst Fabi is keeping the enemy players down Allowing move up on the right side one [Fabi’s cover fire] [Shots from somewhere] [Bang] [Bang] Oh fuck [Bang] Okay [Fabi shots] [Heroic music kicks in] [Bang] Gernade [Silo Kamikazes] Yeah Hey, what’s going on guys were back at the abandoned castle field in Belgium playing a game of domin-


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