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Guy Brings Airsoft AWP Dragon Lore and Destroys Everyone!

Guy Brings Airsoft AWP Dragon Lore and Destroys Everyone!

Hey, what’s going on, guys? Today we’re back at the abandoned castle field in Belgium known as the Chambers. Today, I’ve brought my AWP Dragon Lore upgraded with an average tuning kit, if you want this Dragon Lore exterior for your own L96, I will put it up for you guys on my website you can find in the description.

Our plan is to rush forward and hit up the basement near the castle itself and use it to hide in the dark and mask our sound. (Someone calls their hit) Hit! Awh, hit! (Silo is totally wallhacking) Hit! He’s throwing smoke.

.. Oh, shit… Okay, they’re pushin’, they’re pushin’… ohh They’re coming They’re coming We know there’s a small room that not many people know about just up ahead and it is right next to a reinforcement path leading from their base to their first capture point.

If we manage to get in there without getting detected, we will have a clear firing line on a lot of enemy players. Oh, hit! Alright, ready? What the f*ck?! Because our position was getting too hot, and we’re unable to push on our own, we head back to our team, to help push their side, before we split off again.

Yep, hit! HIT! Omg I am going to film every day bro Hit! Clear, clear, clear. We’re getting closer and closer to the enemy base, but me and my sniper buddy here are nowhere near our team, and instead, we’re approaching from the complete opposite angle.

(5+ people call their hits) You got us! *Breathing heavily* That was good, though. Ee-yeah! That was f*ckin’ epic… Holy f*ck! Oh, I have a thorn in my hand… Thanks for watching, guys, check the links in the description about the Dragon Lore and this awesome field I was playing at and I will be going back to Austria very soon to play with Norwich, Sniper Buddy Favri, and Magnus Edge, so, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook stay up to date on that.


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