Home Airsoft Cheaters Guy Brings Airsoft AWP Asiimov and QUICKSCOPES PLAYERS!!

Guy Brings Airsoft AWP Asiimov and QUICKSCOPES PLAYERS!!

Guy Brings Airsoft AWP Asiimov and QUICKSCOPES PLAYERS!!

(intro) Hey, what’s going on guys? We’re back at the abandoned castle in Belgium to play with my latest addition, the op Asimov was actually sniper buddy Fabi’s l96. Famous from the older Novritsch videos where he first used this thing If you want the Asimov skin for your own l96, I’ve put it up for you guys on my website linked in the description Our plan is to rush to neutral capture base in the center of the field, and lock it down by using the dark trees as cover giving us a nice place to respawn.

(quickly) This way, this way! (enemy) Hit! (enemy) Hit! (enemy) Hit! (ally) Hit! (ally) Hit! (2 allies) Hit! (ally) Hit! (ally) Medic? F**k. Team tells me over radio that they’re coming back as soon as possible.

I need to hold the capture points until they do. (enemy) Hit! Just like and see his gold, please! (enemy) Hit! (enemy) Hit! (silo) Oh, boy. (silo) Hit! During the respawn a bunch of people immediately recognized the Asimov skin and drew him quite a crowd.

Unfortunately the capture point I was defending was overrun and lost, so shifted our sights on a new one buried deeper in the woods. But first, we have to fight our way up there. (enemy in distance) Hit! (silo) Hit! (silo) Holy f**k (ally) F**k me.

(silo) Yo, thanks. (quickly) Go, go. (ally) Medic? The capture bases in the woods just in front of me. We have to clear it before we can make our move. Oh sh*t. (silo) Yo. Says we’re about to take the capture base, and move away from a team, and head out on my own.

The capture base we lost before is now held by the enemy team. I know there are some great spots to shoot into the building which I want to use to soften them up before we attempt to take it back. (enemy) Hit! (silo) Hit! Thanks for watching guys! We almost made it to the 1 million subscriber award which is just insane!! I hope all million of you Have a great holiday season and here’s through an incredible 2018 with some incredible sh*t to come! Just you wait the next year is gonna be crazy!!! Hey welcome back guys I’ve put together some of the bed


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