Home Airsoft Reviews Gunfire & SCDTV – Umarex / VFC M27 IAR aeg airsoft review

Gunfire & SCDTV – Umarex / VFC M27 IAR aeg airsoft review

Gunfire & SCDTV – Umarex / VFC M27 IAR aeg airsoft review

Welcome to another SCDTV production Open it! it’s a replica of a squad automatic weapon M27 IAR which is basically a HK416 with longer rails and a heavier and longer barrel Umarex ownes the HK trademarks for the airsoft world and the best HK airsoft guns are made by VFC so evantually, VFC made the best HK replica for Umarex first looks erection is the best word to describe what we feel after opening the box with M27 fully trademarked it’s a pity that trademarks are painted, not laser engraved like the original wait, where are you going? I donno not only do we get this gun with a hicap we can’t have everything we get this big plastic box with a nice HK sticker those of you who had pleasure playing with VFC SCARs know that a good replica need a good box yeah, but those guys had a box without foam insert M27’s box has cozy foam insert so it’s going to be safe close up the gun is full metal, of course which is a better kind of shitmetal the barrel is signifantly longer than in regular 416 and is thicker, just like in the real M27 flash hider is everything but fancy, plain regular AR15 style here’s the bayonet mount we’re sorry but we don’t know if the bayonet fits rails are typical to HK416 but longer the fitting is the same, with the same screw here we can’t tell you if it’s 100% like the original but it looks great PEQ-16 and the grip is our addition front and rear sights do come with the gun so the rail mounted front sight and the rear sight lower receiver has full HK trademarks here we’ve got the 6MM sign working charging bolt and release and HK mark on the dummy bolt the hop up chamber is of the new type so the knob is in the axis of the inner barrel you have to turn it up and down, not forwards and backwards ACOG is, again, our addition USMC uses a completely different scopes which is not available, yet, on the airsoft market more accurate would be an ACOG with fiber cable, but we don’t have it but it still looks cool as it has a flashhider the rear sight is similar to the KAC one it looks just like the original M27 the pistol grip is characteristic to HK 416/17 family it’s a bit oval I don’t like it but it’s comfortable here’s the buttstock with a nice rubber pad the battery is kept in the stock you have to turn the pad anticlockwise and pull the space is limited the small tripple 11.

1 lipos fit but we don’t recommend using 11.1 on a stock gun like this one later we’ll say why 7.4 small sticks will fit or the double ones at the beginning it was a bit difficult but with little practice, you can fit the battries let’s take a look on the other side again, HK trademark and sling swivel HK trademarks on the lower receiver 5,56 not 6mm HK pictograms and serial number we don’t know if it’s unique and a working bolt release button and again, rails and the outter barrel the gun is assembled perfectly nothing wobbles except for the stock which is the same thing in all aegs the front rail feels like it was welded everything looks and feel perfect you know that these are high quality materials VFC is known for using first mags forget about PMAGs they do not lock there’s a thing with those pmags, just like in the real steel fortunatelly, all kinds of standard mags fit and feed M27 just loves Emags they fit, feed and fall out that’s why they were designed in the first place first skirmish me and the guy in apron, did skirmished with the M27 how did it shoot? Gunfire’s website states it has 300.

.320 fps out of the box. we’ll check that later I had lots of fun with these mere 320 FPS so you can have fun with low power guns the distance was quite good, you shot it yourself with the stock gun, 40 metres is a distance you can hit a target don’t expect more from a 320fps gun the accuracy is decent the gearbox sounded nicely but be aware with using 11.

1 and the like batteries while using a fresh 11.1, I had bursts on single I used 7.4 and I can’t bitch about it. M27 worked flawlessly I used mostly single because I had auto on single, and it kept jamming I used auto on 11.

1 and eventually I ran more than 1k bbs nothing got broken despite the opinion that you have to change everything inside VFC after one mag our m27, after 3-4k rounds is still working VFC doesn’t have the best internals but this stock one is just fine I’d like to add that the pistol grip is awsome and is one of the best I’ve ever used but it looks like it’s pregnant now, we’re going to do some target shooting and then we’ll say something else Go-pro? we filmed it, right? yeah, I did film it! you’ll see how it shoots on 11.

1 targets 25 metres, strong wind, 0.25 bbs scope not adjusted, we’re shooting a popper let’s check after a few initial shots let’s see what we can get at 40m bbs are flying everywhere due to the strong wind but once I know where to shoot, the bbs hit the target 45metres is the maximal effective range of this stock gun HK’s accuracy test wasn’t lucky as we had really strong wind no problems at 25 metres after a few initial shots at 40 metres you have to consider the wind, your scope and tha angle once I had the first good shot I managed to hit a human size target so 45-50 is the max what this gun can take first summary let’s sum up, folks if you want M27, you’ve got no other option yep, we’ve got only Umarex here if you want to upgrade Boyi 416; good luck, you may need it even if you did, the total cost would be around the new m27 if you want to make a quasi sniper gun, you’ll need to invest a lot in the GB that’s what people say, at least it is said that you need to change everything inside VFC to make it work how do we say “upgrade” in Polish? [dudek’s awkward silence] [and his stupid answer] as far as external parts are concerned VFC has no match just buy a grip, scope and you’re ready to go Blue Force Gear sling spring pop-up bipod and you’ve got a perfect USMC reenactment toy on the other hand, if someone reenacts and doesn’t shoot all the more he doesn’t have to upgrade it as it’s a perfect out of the box gun price is the problem it’s an expensive toy 1800-2000PLN but if you’ve been playing airsoft for a while you know that quality costs you won’t get a Porshe by buying an Opel you can buy any M4 and pimp it up upgrade it so it’ll shoot like a charm but it’ll never look like this if you want an hk416 or m27 you’ll appreciate VFC I think there are no hk416 on the market there are some OEMs but you know that THIS is IT there is nothing better than VFC if there is, it’s a PTW for millions of dollars


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