Home Airsoft Reviews GSO.13 BO MANUFACTURE ” The Gothic Serpent Opération ” / AIRSOFT REVIEW

GSO.13 BO MANUFACTURE ” The Gothic Serpent Opération ” / AIRSOFT REVIEW

GSO.13 BO MANUFACTURE ” The Gothic Serpent Opération ” / AIRSOFT REVIEW

English subtitles available on Youtube Airsoft replica test + Links New Airsoft Hello to you dear airsoft friends I will present you a recently released replica offered by a new company offering custom It is a replica available from our partner “studioSPORT” in Rouen.

This is the GSO.13 from BO manufacture supplied in a protective bag Here is the replica which is a custom 1911 but which is therefore under the title “GSO.13” beautiful finishes and quality. It is therefore BO manufacture French company based in Bordeaux which therefore produces limited edition customs this model is therefore available in a hundred copies you will not have to wait to acquire it.

BO manufacture has therefore chosen to distribute these products in a small number of shops. including “studioSPORT” in Rouen and only in BO manufacture partner shops The GSO.13 is numbered and each part of this replica has been checked and approved by a technician from this manufacturer before going on sale in the store.

The certificate is supplied with the replica proving its passage in the workshop for inspection. You can see on the photos bet on the blog that it has a very nice aged effect very appreciable worthy of the 1911 of BLACK OPS.

Beautiful engravings on the whole body made with laser including the serial number. The GRIPS are made in a snakeskin effect worthy of the latest grips available on the net. the finish of this replica has been neat.

These grips will allow you a very good support during games risking to drop it. The safety devices available are those identical to 1911 a butt safety and a breech blocking safety. The loader works with Green Gas and has a capacity of 16 balls.

Loading logs through the well at the base of the loader Internal of the replica reinforced with elements of very good quality. We are therefore going to carry out a chrony test in 0.20 GRS tanio Koba beads.

Here is the Chrony test (BBs 0.20 grs) Here is the GSO.13 BO manufacture review completed I provide you with all the links you need to acquire this replica. Including the “studioSPORT” links And see you very soon You can therefore find exclusively in the Rouen region and at studioSPORT.


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