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GSAT at Futureball Airsoft Gameplay on ‘Pipes’ August 11, 2013

GSAT at Futureball  Airsoft Gameplay on ‘Pipes’   August 11, 2013

that’d be fine all right hey hey dude what’s it look like up there we see yeah I see him anyone else on the right side you think I can move up yeah I see him I don’t know if I can get him that’s it oh I see him I see him all right no you’re moving up to I can see him he’s right there yeah got one guy in the far back that guys still in the middle start spraying us just as soon as this the game starts I need to move up the sniper was gonna try and get me hey grace watch Nicki okay he’s aiming right at me he’s probably gonna try and shoot me yeah but he’s not gonna hit you from here he’s going to rush up to where I’m going oh crap Safety’s on can you take out the guy at the cover right nut right up in front of me I’m pinned down by a guy sorry diagonally across to the left over there sorry max my pistol ran out I had to hit you there sorry I had no choice my pistols out of gas oh well I’ll use it after that guy still has me pinned down hey sniper you see this guy over dietary look I don’t need it now I swear people even whistle should roll with the pistol Rick in the face mask that was very close i saw one BB go to the right your head and one go to the left there’s some guys in the middle on the right there i think there’s two people behind this cover in the middle on the right far-right crack shots don’t count Gus remember crack shots do not count now I’m just trying to scare you I’m telling you don’t pop off pop up or I’m gonna take your hat off ah stop cracks shooting me stop back hey Nicky could you please suppress him hey he’s back in cover where is he you guys see that sniper in the far back guys could you like ghost uh me if you’re close little help amen don’t use that here I’ll use that language hello that maps on your left on your left what well then your guns well is too big I’m not the only one on my team I do where are you oh hello hey I didn’t know someone was back there shadow anyone left one guy in the back hey can you give me some cover suppress them no one on the right right he’s clear guy in the far back though you suppress him get him to go back into cover crap guys move up there’s only the lung guy in the back he’s down if you want to see more videos from other members of team check out the youtube channels of shadow killer it ghost also be sure to come out with us and play future ball airsoft and Whitmore Lake Michigan Oh you


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