Home Airsoft Gameplay GSAT at Futureball: Airsoft Gameplay on “Jungle: – July 14, 2012

GSAT at Futureball: Airsoft Gameplay on “Jungle: – July 14, 2012

GSAT at Futureball: Airsoft Gameplay on “Jungle: – July 14, 2012

go over the rules here new game Search and Destroy so how this is gonna work is the one team’s gonna hang back the one team gets a 20-second head start they’re gonna go running that way the other team is gonna hunt them down and try to kill them the other teams obviously gonna stop that for mapping or at least try it’s gonna be kind of hard to do hard to do a dead zone so basically try to find a wrap and we’ll point in the right direction but there is the end of pipes is way down there there’s gonna be a spindle base that’s where they’re gonna run to and try to hold and then it like I said so they’re gonna have 20 August 22nd head start they’re gonna run out that way you’re gonna try to chase them down and kill them preferably before they get to the base I guess once they bunker down it’s gonna suck but then once they’re eliminated we’ll we’ll switch it off where the hunters you know become the hunted and they come running back this way and they try to hold this base but basically it’s just a team deathmatch type of thing the only objective is to destroy the other you know the other team you guys have any questions yeah I’m gonna start off first in that direction it’s probably it’s probably wanted now our bands are gonna be doing so you guys you guys get it ready up barrel bags off straight that way he’s gone tianyu you hit the road and then you’re gonna you’re gonna go you last a little bit I didn’t blow the horn not paying attention yeah I’m a fast though you okay to run right yeah don’t even try to shoot back okay no of course I won’t have to be in front of the fastest or maybe probably yeah I just don’t want to hold people up or anybody have hold me up yeah unless dog was a nice jog all right I’ve got everything sit down guys down right side guys mark right side we need people on the right stay low guys you guys stay right stay low here’s a sniper don’t fire yet we’re target I sees nothing still wears killer hey weird max go head maxes out max drop the pop somewhere or can you do that watch the right Alex yeah you ricochet Scout no move back a little bit I gotta get through Gus is right for me all right around you go hey how’s the left side hey hey buddy buddy all right all right all right there yeah I know you gonna hey look out look out get down where is he it was good guys moving around behind us I see him I see him we got him crap hey watch the right over there or yeah that way yeah he’s out hey Alex we need some upfront suppression there’s guys up there we can’t see them put the keep shooting at us I see him is that the bushes right there got him got blue shirt little bit low he saw you move stay low stay low no he’s fine got him Alex make sure you watch that far right side we don’t want them coming around behind us where’d that come from really closing the bushes right up there right here right here right through there nice well behind you buddy oh it’s behind us I know you have got blood up there nice I don’t see anyone right now these magazines it sound good down good don’t get lower get lower oh you’re hit Alex just me and you it’s just me and you yeah bend down right now all right stay low now they’ve got one behind me on my left Alex is one right back here behind the tree over there nice try Jonathan I saw you it like just right there well I did suit but like like you weren’t you were behind the tree so I didn’t have a very good shot at you you got close hey I’m hitting you hey watch the window keep those windows suppressed good angle on that guide the report


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