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Grey en Guerra Urbana + Magpul PTS Masada ACR Review | Capsule Airsoft España

Grey en Guerra Urbana + Magpul PTS Masada ACR Review | Capsule Airsoft España

Jano: Care Grey: Ok, the game field has some upgrades! So I was like what??? This part is bigger now, this was the “clock tower” Maybe they changed the respawns too, with this the players could flank more So the clock tower not is the wheels tower.

This is not changed Let’s go to the respawn if it’s in the same place. Yeah, same Player: Your gun holster is a bit loose. -Jano: Thanks. -Grey: Fuck Grey: Can’t fix it now, put the gun here, not comfortable but.

.. Jano: Out. -Grey: Out! Crossing Grey: Out! Hit on my replica, nice one Grey: Out! Grey: Out! Grey: Guys! Enemies there? Grey: Are the gaining terrain?. -Player: Yes Grey: Care, bottom, she was firing at someone.

-Player: The one there is out Player: Let’s go! Grey: Wardog! Follow me this flank Player: Cross. -Grey: Thanks Wardog1: I’ll take the corner. -Grey: Ok take it, I’ll take this one Grey: Contact! Grey: Show us what you have here.

So cool. -Player: This is my Magpul PTS Masada ACR They use the same parts in the real version weapon, but modified for airsoft purpose P:It’s an AEG. -G: And the hop up? It’s a wheel hop. You can close the chamber with the bolt catch G: The aimpoint is already broken.

-P: And the folding iron sights included with the replica G: Did you paint it?. -P: No, it would take me ages G: The mag is Mid-Cap?. -P: Mid-Cap, the replica includes 2 of them. around 120 BBs G: Which is better than a Hi-Cap.

-P: Of course, the rattle noise is annoying G: The stock is folding or fixed?. -P: This one is fixed. -G: With an adjustable cheek rest P: But a bit hard to adjust since it’s painted P: RIS not included.

-G: So you attached this one. -P: Yes for a laser or a grip. Easy to attach, you can paint it if needed P: Semi, auto… -G: And safe. -P: Not a bad range. -G: Works really nice G: It’s your first replcia?.

-P:No, got a Jing Gong AUG before After seeing how bad the Jing Gongs work I preffer to pay more for this, I like it and it works G: The safety switch is really comfy, even better than the M4 one P: I got a gas SCAR too, it was madness, such rack sound G: Easy to aim the iron sights too, even with mask.

Really comfy G: Awesome dude. -P: Masadasome G: We’re always talking to the noobs, so you had the AUG before and then this one. which one do you recommend for a noob? P: If you’re sure you’d like the replica, don’t focus only on the cheap ones, pay for the one you really like if it’s good quality P: You’d proably regret of buying a cheap one G: So you think the cheap is expensive in the end.

-P: Yes. -G: Thank you very much dude Grey: Fuck me, I’m out of gas. Hey take my gas from my back please Player: Dammit!. -Grey: Grenade! Out! Grey; You first, he’s there Grey: Hold on, don’t loose it.

I’m moving my leg over your barrel Grey: Emergency relaod, please enter, nevermind the gaps Grey: I’m hit too. Out player crossing Player: It didn’t shoot any BBs. -Grey: Yeah you’re right, no shooting Referee: You didn’t shoot any BBs?.

-Grey: No shooting, he was right Grey: I had to fix it hitting here, the guy was right I was not shooting BBs You can see here, it’s full of dirty, must have dust inside the mag You see? It gets stuck like this.

Must be because the wrong zig zag filling and the dust, it’s stuck here I should have bought THE SANDWICH Grey: O! -ut. -Player: Both out. -Grey: No no, you hit me first, you can follow. -Player: Sorry dude Grey: Out player crossing! Ouch it hurts! Grey: Sup Jano?.

-Jano: This is loose, it falls. -Player: Which holster are you using? belt one? Grey: Did it all fall?. -Jano: Yes it all. -Grey: it’s really hard to fit there Grey: Don’t worry, it happens to Rhoads all the time.

-Jano: Yeah but that’s ok if it happens to him Grey: Don’t worry Jano… -Player: DOn’t even tell him. -Grey: Yeah I won’t tell him. -Player: But it’s recorded Rhoads: Motherfuckers! Jano: You can just erease it.

-Grey: Don’t worry, if it’s broken just buy him a new one and it’s done dude Grey: You got em? Can I cross?. -Player: No. -G: Distance?. -P:He’s at the bottom, now hidden Grey: Out! Grey: How is it going? Can I flank? You cover? Thanks Grey: Move! Grey: Guys! Grey: Jano move! I’ll shoot at the door, take the orange cover! Grey: Out! Grey: Well done! Grey: We could take the cemetery again but that side and help that dude, catch you there! Grey: How is it going over here?.

-Player: We need ranged replica, tango right side and left bottom Grey: Fuck! Referee: 1 minute left! Referee: 2-1 Yellow team wins! Referee: Nice one Juan! Grey: Thanks a lot dude. -Player: Just in case Player: I got you there, but in the end you hit me.

-Grey: Yeah but they were covering me, calling the to move Grey: Resting time there?. -Spartan1: Yeah just taking some water Grey: Thanks for cooperate, that’s better than moving you. -A: Rhoads is not here?.

-Grey: Hey those ones are yellow! Grey: Leave him, bitch! Come with me. -A: Mag on the floor!. -F: Me?. -Grey: No my friend F: You must take me to the respawn!. -Grey: But you counted 30 seconds already.

-F: But you leave him so he must count again. -Grey: Ok have fun there Grey: I want to pass him to our team. -F: You bastard Kenfai97: Hit?. -Player: I got knife too. -Kenfai97: Both hit then. -Grey: Who must I take now? Grey: Ok, you come here and start counting 30 seconds, here take cover Grey: And you come with me.

-Player: But you took one already. -Grey: Yeah but he’s waiting there. -Player: Ok then Grey: I can’t reach my rifle. -Player: You were in the blue team right?. -Grey: Yeah but they captured me to yellow Grey: They totally hunted me dude Grey: Ally.

-Wardog1: But it’s game over. -Grey: Oh I didn’t hear it. Are you sure its over?! Grey: Yeah I’m yellow, bah I’m nothing!. -Referee: Yellow team wins! Grey: I took you wiht the losers and I’m with the winning team now.

-F: Bastard. -Grey: They totally hunted me, my finger hurts F: I just got him, turn back and it was clear, I saw him with Adrian… Jano: Now I know what was that triple shot, it was a shotgun


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