English subtitles available Hello and welcome to Airsoft review Today I will present to you an accessory often used by airsoft players in CQB. It is therefore Grenada The ATR-OAE- V CO2 from Kyou Airsoft.

this do-it-yourself dummy grenade does not throw any projectiles, the result is simply a sound effect by tearing the plastic casing The ATR is therefore reusable, works with 12gr Co2 cartridges and interchangeable plastic envelopes.

For more visual effects the envelope can be filled with flour or marbles. Detailed presentation of the grenade: The ATR grenade is therefore composed of several elements that you will have to assemble yourself The grenade head with striker The spoon + its mounting pin The needle + delay ring The needle clamping ring The Co2 cartridge loading tube The Tube cap + cartridge wedge Two locking pins Then 3 different pockets will be available: MK2 pineapple type 85 Decibel Flash Bang 105 Decibel flash MEGABANG 125 decibel Pomegranate Assembly Precautions: Some instructions must be followed to allow proper operation and to keep the warranty on the product When assembling the needle clamp ring and the loading tube, tighten moderately so as not to crush the needle seal, which can cause the seal to retract and therefore a loss of tightness and the non-functioning of the grenade The cartridge wedge and the needle clamp ring have a direction to be respected, the curved part of the wedge towards the bottom of the grenade Delay before bursting The delay is influenced by several parameters, it can vary from 2 to 10 seconds One of the parameters is the assembly of the grenade, if you place the delay ring you increase the delay Tightening the tube cap increases or decreases the delay, but keep in mind that for proper operation you do not have to screw the cap completely, leave a clearance of 0.

5 mm between the tube and the cap Failure to follow these instructions will result in the breakage of the needle clamping ring or the deformation of the grenade head voiding the warranty The model of CO2 cartridge used influences the explosion time The spoon release method also changes the delay, a spring effect on the spoon reduces the time and a smooth release increases it.

Now on to the preparation of the pomegranate The order of preparation must be followed to the letter to avoid accidentally detonating the grenade before its end of preparation. Using the pin, fold down the head striker and then lock it with the same pin provided for this purpose in the central hole by holding the striker with a finger Fold the spoon of the grenade and hold there until the firing pin is blocked and gently remove the pin to put it in the hole of the spoon allowing its blocking and fold the pin so that it does not withdraw Remove the cap from the loading tube and insert a Co2 cartridge and screw the cap back on, leaving a clearance of 0.

5 mm Take the desired pocket (empty or full depending on your choice) and screw it over the loading tube Now let’s go to the tests of the 3 different pockets including 2 different loading configurations MK2 pomegranate pineapple type (flour) Flashbang Grenade (Balls) Megabang pomegranate (flour) Here is the review of the ATR OAE V CO2 grenade from Kyou airsoft completed I put in the description of the video all the links necessary to acquire this accessory.

As well as all airsoft review links !!!!!! and see you very soon bye bye


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