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Hello I am Wiset from Capsule Airsoft, and this is the Volcano grenade This is the Volcano grenade Made in Spain, a sound grenade it doesn’t use BBs or powder Just pull the ring, it hits the floor and expulse the CO2 load For this grenade you need this CO2 injector This grenade is around 65 euros in the shops The injector is 20 euros, the pack of both things is 80 euros This is the 3rd Volcano grenade we have This one in particular is from January or February This two in orange are grom September or October 2016 At fist this grenades had some problems We throw it to the floor and it didn’t detonate Now we know the reason, it was a problem with one burr This rubbers you can see inside press the cilinder and seals the CO2 So you must find a balance and put the right CO2 load In the first versions this rubbers had some burr here No looks like they solved this problem So yes, the first version of this grenades gave us some problems One thing to mention is that you can adjust the grenade depending of the temperature Inside the box you can find the grenade ring and this packing ring This packing rings work as follows This spring actionates the grenade, it can be compressed by 1, 2, 3 or zero packing rings In theory, in hot weather like summer, you don’t need more than 1 or 2 packing rings because the temperture increases the gas pressure The configuration we’re using is just 2 packing rings I’m happy with this grenades, but they give me some problems too It is hard to use until you don’t know what is the proper CO2 load An examplem the Glock 23 KJW gas magazines if you load them more than 4 or 5 seconds and start shooting sometimes could give you problems because an exccessive load In this grenade the CO2 load must be just half second Just half of a second, if you load more, it wouldn’t detonate I never put so much CO2, maybe it will explode in your hands Yesterday I had this problem when we were playing The previous night I disassembled the grenades for cleaning and lubricate But I made a mistake and I put the rubbers backwards It detonated in a solid surface, but not in sand, grass or soft surfaces When I was disassembling it, I realized that this screw, that you must use with an allen key it was not tight enough I was afraid of force the thread too much I went to the store and they told me there was no problem, the thread is resistant After tighten the screw it worked without problems This grenade is 100% effective only when you use it over solid surfaces Ground, soil, cement if you throw this over plants or grass, maybe it won’t detonate Try higher It worked now It worked only in solid ground Try it on that cement Try with a lower CO2 load Looks like this works in solid grounds only There’s still CO2 inside Yes, you can do many CO2 loads with one bottle I consider that it’s not so expensive as it seems We can do 14, 15 or 16 loads with the same CO2 bottle I must insist, don’t throw it over your head if this falls over your head, it could hurt you Remember, throw it like a bowling ball, over your knee Don’t look at this, this is a monster This is a tutorial about how not to paint I just wanted to make it visible in dark places But the painting made an strange fusion here, low cost painting Which are the pros and cons that I find on this grenade The first pro, this is a grenade easy to assemble It takes 5 seconds Close it, insert the ring, load the CO2.

In 5 or 6 seconds you have it ready It means you can use it, pick it up, bring the injector with you Load it again, and ready to use Not like the Cyclone, no need to load the BBs, arm it and continue It’s very easy and fast to arm The second pro, this grenade is resistant, this is not plastic This is hard steel This grenade hit the floor really hard, but it still works the 3rd pro, about saving money the initial cost is high, 65 euros the grenade, 80 euros if you buy the pack with injector how do you save money? you have around 14 loads of CO2 in each bottle One CO2 bottle cost around 0’50 or 0’45 euros, depending of the amount, brand and store we’re talking about 12 gr CO2 bottles Here you won’t use one 0’50 euros CO2 bottle for one detonation so we’re talking that you can do around 100 detonations with 7 or 8 CO2 bottles so in the long term this is cheaper than a thunder grenade, for example Another pro is that you can use it in all the Airsoft fields Because it uses CO2, not pyrotechnic that is forbidden in some fields But here come the bad news, it has some cons too For me the main problem is that if this grenade doesn’t hit a solid ground, it won’t detonate If you do the same mistake I did, not assemling it properly maybe it won’t work but apart of this, I do recommend this grenade, I use it actually Checking your comments in the Cyclone grenade video We think this is the grenade you’re looking for Easy, fast to arm, and without many complications So that was the video about this Volcano grenade I hope you liked it, and if you have doubts or suggestions, leave a comment Thank you.

See you. (This graneda is useful in CQB and solid grounds. Wiset likes it, but Grey prefers the Cyclone.) (In my opinion, we didn’t find a grenade that is perfect for all players. -Rhoads) Don’t make me laught you bastard Kenny is testing it to decide if he’ll buy 20 of them The most dangerous thing on this grenade is Most people try to arm it pressing with the thumb like this But be careful with this part of your finger between the grenade and the top Someone pinch it and it hurts.

Like Jorge from Team Tactical This part of his finger is in yellow color now Instead of pressing like this, I recommend to use the two hands or just hit it with your palm it won’t detonate there I won’t put my hand inside that When I use the ohshiboom in Guerra Urbana it fails in the sand, so what I do? Didn’t blow up So you won’t use this grenade because it won’t work whenever you need to throw it on a pile of wires The worst enemy of Kenny, the wires If you play in a field full of wires, dont’ throw this grenade I’d like to mention that this grenades has spare pieces for the screw, the easy to loose ring The valves, spare for everything this is something important to know we all know that the airsoft parts and pieces are easy to break This is what happens when Kenny is your filming sessions Why you so rude? -You told me to do like this Dude, you put too much CO2.

It was just half second dude Mr. GHK user Too much CO2 load So this is an important thing to consider This happens if you put too much CO2 It’s enough Many people will make the same mistake, trying to put much CO2 load Did all 3 detonate? – Not this one The top screw was not tight, when it happens it fails What situations make this grenade fails in detonation? Basically 2 situations made this grenade fail yesterday Yesterday I put the rubber inside backwards, by mistake So it didn’t detonate And secondly, if this top is not tight, as you can see the screw moves, it doesn’t detonate And a 3rd reason is that if you load too much CO2, it doesn’t work Exactly, if you load more than half second it doesn’t detonate And the 4th reason, as Kenny said, and as I repeat thousand times If you throw this grenade in a soft ground such as plants, sand, grass.

.. maybe it won’t detonate (We made a fast test, for meassuring how loud some grenades are) (We didn’t use a precission device, and the test was outdoors) That is not a noise grenade, as expected


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