Subtitles available in English Hello and Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a novelty that has been transmitted to us by our partner G & G armament. This is the GPM92 Gas Blowback. This replica is one of the latest innovations and receiving a new internal mechanics for its gas operation.

It is currently available in Black but G & G should release it in HUNTER GREEN and DESERT TAN for December 2017 in shops. The replica will be sold in its transport case decorated with the G & G Armament logo on the top and GPM92 inside, a Mag Gaz 27 BBS, a translucent speed loader and its user manual It can be seen immediately that G & G Armament took care of the smallest details of this replica and did not distort the original model Its metal fabrication gives it that realistic and pleasant side to the grip without being too heavy.

This replica weighs 1016 gr for a size of 226 mm It is therefore made up of a metal outer barrel with a non-clockwise diameter 12 mm diameter cover for subsequent installation of the G & G Battle Owl Tracer Unit Its metal breech equipped with the two sighting patterns as well as its ambidextrous safety The frame is in metal equipped with a lower picatinny rail allowing the installation of your accessories, its bolt disassembly latch to access the internal of the replica for its maintenance but also for the adjustment of the HOPUP Its locking latch at the end of the MAG or during a deliberate manual locking Its manually operable metal striker The bridge is molded to the frame and leaving a space large enough to actuate the trigger The metal handle is covered with two plastic plates molded with the G & G Armament logo, as well as the MAG retainer and the strap ring Then we finish with its metal MAG 27 BBS surmounted by its green joint Ball loading is done quickly The GPM92 was designed on a new internal mechanics.

How does it work ? This replica uses a helical cylinder valve, which thanks to the rapid rotation avoids the formation of gel inside. Let’s see this in image: In image 1: The gas rotates the valve by pushing it forward In image 2: Part of the gas leaks behind the cylinder and pushes the valve forward too.

In image 3: The valve is pushed until the cylinder is closed In image 4: The rest of the gas pushes the piston and takes the cylinder head backwards, it is during this operation that the ball is propelled It receives an internal barrel in 6.

03 of 116.5 mm Test on target 10 meters in 0.25 Gr BBS refill only to see the MAG GAS range BBS refill only to see the MAG GAS range Approximately 3 MAGS complete with a single charge of GAS Accuracy at this distance is correct Test on target 35 meters in 0.

25 Gr 35 meters will be the max distance for this replica whether in range and accuracy Negative points : No possibility of putting a 14 mm anti-clockwise silencer This will be the only point to retain in negative Positive points: A robust and very well finished replica Mechanism avoiding gel formation Correct firing performance The possibility of mounting the G & G tracer in 12 mm anti-clockwise Here is the review of the GPM92 from G & G armament completed.

You can find this product in all G & G dealer shops Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner G & G Armament in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you bye bye


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