Home Airsoft Reviews G&P Magpul Gas Blowback M4 Airsoft (Test Fire/Review)

G&P Magpul Gas Blowback M4 Airsoft (Test Fire/Review)

G&P Magpul Gas Blowback M4 Airsoft (Test Fire/Review)

okay this is the GNP Magpul gas blowback m4 fitting the box see the gun in the magazine look at the gun metal body bolts plastic grip hand guard and buttstock alright flip-up rear sight fixed front sight yeah I’m sure the internals pull this pin back I Center knows that’s a hammer bolt catch right here buffer and buffer spring and show you the bolt all right Steph fire this thing oh I’m sure you the magazine first this is the PMAG stop pulling words it’s uh it’s metal uh it holds 39 rounds gas goes down there right now I have point two five bb’s in here and green gas let’s see how it fires all right scrolling this got my corner here I’m just gonna read you off on the FPS 343 343 same it’s not reading it now it’s so weird you 20 that’s not right all right so it’s just around 350 McCrone oh it’s kind of bad so yeah shoes around 350 on 0.

25 on 0.2 it shows around 400 410 show you how it’s hot fashion full auto bullets um so it stays open we gotta bullets to release the bolt yeah right here just press that there you go so yeah I really like this gun it’s just really hard feels good it’s all solid uh that’s it you


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