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Gorka 3 Digital Flora – Airsoft Review – Set 1080fullHD

Gorka 3 Digital Flora – Airsoft Review – Set 1080fullHD

The Gorka uniform is designed to be loose fitting and is windproof and waterproof. It is a multiseason garment and can be used in various climates. There are to much type of gorka, this is Gorka-3, there are some differents from model to model for example it’s lacks the chest pockets of Gorka-2 and has two tilted hip pockets.

I must say that in terms of comfort it is unbeatable it is light enough, designed not to interfere with any kind of movement. includes some elastricized parts that tighten in the right places. In detail the stretch bands are on the wrists, on the ankles behind the knees and at the belt level.

As far as the hood is concerned, it does not tighten at all, instead it has a loop on the back and two back for a complete adjustment All the pockets are closed with buttons, with the exception of those on the shoulders, provided with Velcro.

The pockets aren’t many but they are well made and are quite spacious The pants feature an internal gaiter with ties that can be worn inside the boots to seal out sand, gravel, snow, or other debris. As for the pattern this is in digital flora, a color that I sincerely appreciate awesome for spring and summer But there are many other patterns, for example partizan.

to much better for autumn In conclusion I can say that it is a camouflage that in general satisfies me a lot in all its characteristics surely I will exploit it properly. I have some future plans regarding a Russian setup that sooner or later I will develop.

I would recommend it not only in airsoft and similar but also for hiking and mountain activities Thanks to The soviet russia store for sending me this model link of shop in description! see you at the next video!


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