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GoproMax 360 Video Airsoft Gameplay

GoproMax 360 Video Airsoft Gameplay

I’m going to record you anyway what? I’m going to record you anyway. Really is recording now? yes PHGP Aisfot, the noob Hi, mi name is Fran and today I gonna show you a gameplay totally recorded with a 360 degrees camera the gameplay organized by the people of Alcatraz confinement it was called “the Noob”game designed for new people in the Airsoft for this chance they accompanied me the people of team tactical and bolt of the team airs smith the missions that we were ordered consisted in obtain colored sand and make specific mixes ok inside in every factory there is a color one in the car and other in the small house take a picture to the colours i have one bottle I put here ok? hey dudes the people that have to answers the question crayons have and if not (inaudible) do not is necessary that come here to write it Go opening doors how they arrived here to fast? because they runned a lot Are oppened (the doors) Fran tell me the colours pink and orange objetive located take a bottle and lets see i have I have.

lock , pink and orange well is red but ok cover cover yeha yeha give me the notebook take it Is it? I take a page. Take it But take all the notebook orange and pink all checked yes we can no, but if we go out, should go behind they are in front in the corridor foxtrot? yes? come here the same than before, negative Julio , Julio behind hit, hit,hit hit deaths moving right arm ten seconds, deaths moving count ten one, two three, four, five, six seven eigth,nine, ten ok, move green I take right lets go from here, all lets go lets go up? ok advance OO HIT, hit!! we are here do you have bottle? the yellow a partner brought it yes yes, but do you have a empty bottle? empty bottle!! we need go to middle yellow too but the yellow we just take it? yes yes we got it if we go here we can take the purple ok lets go for the purple at the car again? there must be one in the vicinity of the car ok we must take all the next factory what? so lets go! ok, pass I got six ok I take lets lets go its all clear ok, listen to me the next factory we should take it? we can go to the left Do you want that we take up and go behind? No no, under Do you want that we take up and go behind? OK we cross all and enter behind all rigth, lest go they watched us? fuck what a bummer Grenade What a bummer dude HIT Who is down? julio, julio ok, wait me I cover you get down Where do you have it look at in the pockets here we don’t do nothing, hu lets go because we don’t do nothing here come on chavi wait a this people? pink and orange yeha blue and red midle bottle and midle bottle yes, but we had the red right? the yellow we have the pink locked ok, we don’t have more colours? no, ok You got it bolt? where is the sand? where is the sand? it has to be around here be careful I’m going to get in the middle its here in the middle? it wasn’t marked there ok, bolt, u can go there? we should cover him move it!!! Reloading here in front we aren’t interested in the colours.

.. is the orange here OK move it stop engaging its down? no all rigth when its outside…… go in, go in big window fenced Reloading big window fenced?? At us 12 at the rigth left, left I got it should we down i move ok ok, lets go to the six move Maltes what? there! moving moving end game Thank you very much for viewing the content and if you liked, like me and subscribe see you


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