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Glock R17 – Army Armament (Pistola GBB G17)(Airsoft Review e Teste BR) (Eng sub)

Glock R17 – Army Armament (Pistola GBB G17)(Airsoft Review e Teste BR) (Eng sub)

Hello everyone, here’s Nilix, and this is the R17 by Army Armament a copy of the Glock 17. It is a semi metal pistol, which works with gas, green gas and similars and have Blowback (GBB). The magazine that comes with it, has capacity up to 24 bbs.

(+1 in the chamber) To prepare the mag, you can put them up here or pull the spring to the end and insert them by this opening, which is easier just be careful when you put it, so the BBs may fill the lines correctly.

It’s also in the magazine that the gas compartiment stays. To fill it, turn the mag upside down, get the green gas of your choice and also turn it’s nozzle upside down then, you just have to put it aligned in the magazine’s hatch and press it for 3 to 4 seconds or until the gas’s sound gets fainter [Sound fainting] remove it softly and it’s done.

To load it, insert the magazine with the bbs forward, like this if the hammer hasn’t yet been set and/or has no bb in the chamber pull the slide back and let it go, done, it’s lock and loaded. To take off the mag, press the mag release on the left side, so it may slide off.

The safety lock is located under the rail, pulling back it locks it [Trigger doesn’t move] and unlocked when pulling forward, allowing the semi-auto fire mode. [Shot] [Shot] It also has a passive safety mechanism on the trigger, this little lever has to be pressed so the trigger may follow all the way [Shot] and so shoot Once the last BB has been shot, the slide will lock open [Shot] the slide release is just under it pressing the release down, and the slide will returns to the main position It has an adjustable Hop-up, to access it you need to withdraw the magazine and set the hammer then, find the disassembly locks in both sides and pull both them down while you push the slide forward.

There is the adjustment wheel, turning it counter-clockwise we raise the effect and turning it clockwise we lower it. Done the adjustment, align the slide with it’s rail and slide it all along the way and it’s already assembled.

It has fixed iron sight, three-dot style, painted with phosphorescent paint so, if you go from a lighted environment to a dark one, they’ll be visible for a while. Quick look on the detail so you can check the sights It has the slot for accessory such as sling mount, magwell, stock and others.

It has a 22mm rail, 4,8 cm long and 1 slot, keeping in mind that is a standard Glock like so it’s a little thicker, but doesn’t obstruct the adjustable accessories It has a 12mm counterclockwise screw, so it’s intersting to find an adapter able to convert it to 14mm counterclockwise, a more common connector for silencers you may find.

With the magazine, she does weight about 780g, and for the mag itself it weights about 290g. The external composition is “half by half”, in polymer we have the body, trigger, mag release and the sights.

And in metal composition, we have the slide, slide release, disassembly locks and the outer barrel. Inside, almost everything is in metal, Triggerer’s mechanism, hammer, inner barrel hop-up, spring guide and the whole frame that holds these pieces are in metal.

I’d say that only the air nozzle is made out of polymer The magazine’s body and valves are made of metal, while the lips, the follower and the base plate are made of polymer. The R17 is about 21,1 cm long, 13,7 cm high, considering the magazine’s bottom, and at last 3,2 cm wide.

The mag itself is 13,5 cm high, 3,3 cm long through the whole extent and 3,9 cm at the base the width, is 2,3 cm through the whole extent and raises to 2,9 cm at the base. Let’s chrono with 0.20g BBs [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] The average FPS was 299.

8 which is about 91.3 meters per second, that is close to 0.83 joules the gas in the magazine was filled as shown earlier, and as we can see, it was possible to shoot up to 2 mags easily, actually a little more than that (at least in my country that has a hot climate) but didn’t go to 3 entire mags That’s her box, mine’s had an accident while in the transport, ignore it (hehe) in it you will find a pistol, one magazine, a instruction guide and.

.. that’s it. So add a good BBs sack and a green gas canister to your budget ah… and a silicone oil too, you will need that at some point. Both the polymer and the metal used to make it seem very good the finishing is also good, and the whole pistol seems sturdy, but it’s may sounds funny for some people because if you shake it, she makes some noise, but don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal because some pieces need a space between them, so during the slide movement they can move correctly and let’s agree, these little metal noises she does is very cool, and give her more fidelity haha! [“Clacking” sounds] Therefore I am very pleased with the visual aspect and the feeling of quality and durability, specially if we consider the prices under which it’s possible to find it.

(at least in my country) [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] [Shot] In the demonstration you see now, with targets 10m far, the precision itself was good, and seems to keep it up to 30m, she does go farther according to the BB weight and the hop-up’s adjustment, but after that I believe it’s difficult, more by the aiming than by the loss in precision, for the blowback and the small distance between sights make the aiming more challenging, so, you may try a few medium~longer shots but I’d say an “entry AEG” has much more reliable aim and precision but then I would be talking about primaries, which is not my goal She’s a good choice in case you want to start in airsoft, but is still in doubt if you’ll like the sport; I say it because not only it takes up little space and it’s easy to transport she works perfectly as secondary in case you plan on buying an AEG in the future ok.

.. the GBB pistols usually require some extra money and more cleaning care than their electric “cousins”, but it’s the price to pay if you wants a stronger equipment but still as small and practical as an electric But back to the details, I have to talk about the marks or this case.

.. the absence of them this has caused certain confusion, because some Glocks from Army Armament are coming with real logos and some, as mine, are not; I don’t know the reason for that but the fact is that, to the moment I recorded this video, it was happening so if you want yours to have the marks, contact the store and ask, but don’t worry, in both cases it’s the same pistol with the same performance.

I’ve noticed in the hop-up that de adjustment wheel may change it’s setting with the kick of the slide so if you want to use it’s maximum range, it’s quite possible that this will disturb you but you can improvise an shim; when in CQB area it didn’t bother me with 0,20 BBs and almost no adjustment on the hop-up she works perfectly as a secondary.

Ah… And it’s annoying to take off and put back the slide until find the correct adjustment it did go worse than AEP’s one, but that’s okay, the rest makes up for it. And now that I talked about the cm.

030, pay attention on too tight holsters it’s quite common for one to lose the mag because of the mag release being pressed by the holster itself and since the exterior of the R17 is almost the same, I assume that’s quite possible to happen with the GBB too, so I give you this early advice, haha.

And look what I have here! A “WE” brand magazine, that, as far as I’ve tested, it works just fine the only problem is that he’s quite tighter, so when you remove it you have to pull for it doesn’t slide on its own.

Basic cares: keep the pieces clean and well oiled with pure silicone oil especially the parts that rub, otherwise she might jam when you put it back, just leave a little green gas in the mag and take the BBs off from it with the magazine uninstalled press the trigger to disarm the hammer and gently pull the slide so the trigger return to the main position doing this we take out the tension of the springs and so they will last longer.

Well built, nice finishing and heavy It gets even better with the prices under which you can find it a more cheap GBB, but still a nice equipment The hop-up’s adjustment could be better and the lack of markings in some copies require attention at the time to buy but the performance’s steals the attention, and all this potency in such a compact equip along with the blowback’s kicks and loud noise, make it a very good choice to CQB definitely a respectful secondary.


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