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[Ghost S EMR Carbontech – Evolution Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Ghost S EMR Carbontech – Evolution Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

?Hello everyone and welcome to this presentation of this Ghost S EMR Carbontech from Evolution Airsoft To begin with, a big thank you to my partner Destockage Games for allowing me to make this video This bb gun offers many technical features such as a reinforced internal A non-programmable ETU to trigger firing and ensure internal protection thanks to an active break and the assurance of complete cycles of the gears It will also act as a protection for the battery And a quick spring change system is also present The Ghost Carbontech bb guns range is numerous and offer different styles of finishes and lengths This Ghost S EMR shown in this video is one of the medium length bb guns The bb gun is delivered in a sober box in the colors of the brand We mainly find the references of the bb gun And a carrying handle Inside, we find to start a safety cap The generic bb gun manual This one is in English, Italian and Spanish and does not have any illustration Only a few basic steps are described and we will especially learn that only 7.

4V Lipo batteries are recommended A magazine And the Ghost S EMR Carbontech bb gun Internal protection is provided by rigid cardboard to the shape of the content In terms of materials that make up this bb gun it is mainly metal for the sling attach The hand guard The flash hider The stock tube And the cocking lever For the rest it is good quality plastic for the main body The firing trigger Aiming sights And the stock The bb gun offers several painted or engraved markings A slight trace of molding is visible on the lower part An ambidextrous steel sling attach is present at the base of the stock tube 2 sling loops are available on the stock As well as 2 ambidextrous fasteners for QD system The pistol grip has a light embossed coating And a hatch allows access to the engine without tools The handguard offers M-LOK compatible rails on the side, bottom and partially on top On the top, a RIS rail is present on the front and back of the bb gun The trigger guard is enlarged to allow the use of the bb gun more easily with gloves The firing selector is correctly marked and is not ambidextrous The bolt catch and reloading assistance levers are dummy The flash hider can be removed to reveal a thread of 14mm counterclockwise The aiming sights are foldable, removable and adjustable The magazine eject button is on the right side of the bb gun only The magazine output and its input do not encounter any worries For information, the bb gun is also compatible with ATM magazines The magazine supplied is a plastic midcap of good quality and has a capacity of 120 bbs The stock is adjustable in length in several positions These are not marked on the stock tube And it ends with a rubber butt plate To insert the battery, you will have to remove the stock We you access the mini Tamiya type socket and the battery will be housed in the tube The cocking lever will open the false ejection hatch but it will not remain open We can then access the hop-up setting, in orange in the image In the end, Evolution Airsoft offers us a very correct Ghost S EMR Carbontech bb gun The finish is good, as well as the shooting characteristics Only the content of the box is a little light But the bb gun offers several standard options, often present, only on high-end bb guns This bb gun therefore offers excellent value for money, given its finish and the quality of its internal, and will make an excellent first purchase, for example Also know that you can find this Ghost S EMR Carbontech from Evolution Airsoft at my partner Destockage Games and that a code in the description of this video will allow you to take advantage of a reduction on this model Thank you for watching this video If you also own this bb gun or if you want to discuss it, do not hesitate to use the comments Also remember to subscribe to my various social media so as not to miss any new video, follow my news and provide your support And I say to you very soon, in a new video


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