Home Airsoft Loadouts GHILLIE SUIT Loadout (Airsoft Assault Sniper)

GHILLIE SUIT Loadout (Airsoft Assault Sniper)

GHILLIE SUIT Loadout (Airsoft Assault Sniper)

Enemy Patrol dead ahead. Take him out quietly, or just let him pass. You certainly got the minerals. How’s it going airsofters? My team and I have to defend a small structure in the woods. I’m the first line of defence, a scout to pick off the enemy early.

Make my way back to try and rejoin my team Okay Reports come in that the enemy are trying to out flank us. We’ve got them over the right hand side now as well? I head out to take a look. Distracting us from the right-hand-side, the enemy make a frontal offensive.

It’s time to try and out flank them. I’m running extremely low on ammo. I search my dump pouch for a mag with enough bb’s in to rush this enemy position. This is gonna be epic! They have no idea that I’m coming up behind them.


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