Home Airsoft Loadouts Ghillie Sniper’s Stealth Pistol (MK23 Airsoft)

Ghillie Sniper’s Stealth Pistol (MK23 Airsoft)

Ghillie Sniper’s Stealth Pistol (MK23 Airsoft)

Merry Christmas Airsofters Todays game is a Christmas themed game which sees both teams searching the forest for Christmas decorations to put on their Christmas trees. 2 moving that way. Pauly’s over there.

We need to drop back a bit I think. Oh s**t! Craig’s been hit. F**K! I’ll be with you in a minute Craig. He’s down. Do you wanna come down? Right as it’s on my arm, he’s behind you. You might even have to Mk23 him.

F**king sun is blinding, isn’t it. Sniper behind or is that you? It’s umm… passed your head it’s probably Skull behind you is it? Someone is now coming up on us, don’t know who it is. He’s close, there’s two there.

I’m f**king hit. Sorry mate, I didn’t hear the first one. There’s another one closer though Sam. Sorry Mate. The first one is being medic’d. Another one behind, being medic’d. Dead Player! **Enemy Voices** There’s a guy there.

Hit, **Laughing** F**king hell man! I think I just s**t! You were lucky I saved your life. I thought he’d spotted me. He said “There’s a man there” and I was like, WELL SHOOT HIM! You spotted my legs yeah? I just saw two feet sitting there.

I was going to say, I thought that was going to be the first thing that gave me away.


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