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Hey guys! Today I’m back with a different kind of video. We got some nice stuff from Begadi which we’re gonna test today. I’m pretty excited about it! Stay tuned! That’s how the cape looks when it’s taken freshly out of the box. The cape itself doesn’t have buckles and no zippers which is specially good for crawling as you get stuck on something. and the hood… has a loop that you can tie around your neck. its fixed on 4 points on top of the hood so you always have a good field of view which is excellent.I haven’t seen something like that before! Also, you don’t necessarily need a baseball cap to have good view. Great thing about the mesh is that… you don’t sweat easily in summer as the air circulation is on point However I’m not quite sure about the size of the cape As I’m a slander person I don’t have any problems wearing plate carrier underneath I think bigger people should also be able to fit in it’s rather widely tailored, but considering wearing Chest Rig, Plate Carrier and backpacks I can’t promise it’s fitting as there are no elastic fabrics or adaptabilities in it. Okay, so the cape is prepared a bit uncomfortable, spiny and you can’t really move in it, but never mind it’s just only a test let’s see how it works… >> 3,5h of working on camouflage were worth it This bag is also included for storing the cape even when it’s mounted with burlap and bast you can still stow it without any problems I’ve also taken rubber bands cut of an inner bike tube to attach nature material However I have to criticize two aspects firstly it would be awesome to have some elastic fabric processed under the arms >> Yes I need more camouflage there that would be easier for putting the cape on and it would adapt to the body easily! Secondly, considering those camouflage loops on the shoulders and the hood it would be even better if, additional to the ones already there, stripes were fixed in 90° position to cover more the coves of the body >> completed cape in action! The prize of this piece is 80€ and it’s length is shortly above the knees All in all the cape is not bad, resilient, light breezy and you can decide how you want to design your camouflage.If I should start a Ghillie project again, I’d still choose this base despite the negative aspects. >> product link in description .


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