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G&G UMG/UMP Airsoft Review

G&G UMG/UMP Airsoft Review

hey guys is here bring another airsoft review today as you can see not alone on the screens bag on my buddy Nick here are going to take a look at his gun today in the review gun set before us is the G&G armament umg or unp whichever prefer to call it genius has it as the umg for copyright reasons and especially a very fine aeg if you’re looking to play CQB and see could be ready to round 330 feet per second and if you’re looking to purchase it it can cost you anywhere from 200 3200 setting depending on which side you purchase it from let’s go ahead and get into the review of the G&G or miss umg now unfortunately don’t have any the packaging with us it’s going to come in your standard gng packaging with a flashy box a nice styrofoam packaging all the different stuff just to note when you purchase it it will not include this for grip it may depending on where you person from but most of time it’s not going to clue the porter and honestly I’m nice out this year how we got the foregrip on here considering the rail is kind of straight into a slant on the gun now constructionwise this is an extremely light and versatile airsoft weapon perfect if you’re playing a CQB game you want to go in and out like so and the reason it’s so light is it because unfortunately it is mainly constructed of a very high quality Palmer there are very few metal pieces on the gun the metal pieces included the orange flash hider here which it is threaded if you were to take this off they do make specific suppressors for the umg you can put on to the guns just the trouble is finding those suppressors your top rail is constructed of metal as is your bottom rail down here the gun will also include two side rails however they have been removed for the review but they do include them and they are constructed of metal your sights here are metal and I believe that’s it pretty sure your stock since rocket of course of plastic with a nice rubber butt on the end your receiver both upper and lower are constructed of palmer your magazine is constructed of a plastic and pistol grip is constructed plastic as is the fire psyker switch so mainly a plastic construction on here but that’s honestly not a bad thing in serie makes the weapon very brave light this is probably three or four pounds in your hands allows you to move to the side very very easy and it also allows you to switch hands and shoot ambidextrous if you were to want to do so so we’re going to go ahead and get into some of the features here and just a real quick thing internally of course you got your gng internals not going to open up now since time is very very limited but you got your gng internals they’re very quality you can upgrade it if you wanted to it’s not proprietary man’s go ahead get into some of the features all right now the first thing we’re going to be talking about here is how to put your battery which is always something you want to know before you get in the field because if you don’t add up your battery and how you gonna play now battery is stored up here sort in this hollow compartment underneath the top rail now in order to access that you want to fold the stock push in lift up and lock on the side and at that point you’re going to reveal the entrance to the hollow compartment it’s this small space here with the big words open on it and this is going to require some fingernails to get it open but there’s a small slit push down with and as you can see your battery compartment is revealed now this gun does take stick type batteries it when you person will not include a battery you need to buy a battery recommend an 84 considering 96 a normal 96 stick is too big it won’t fit you need to buy a custom 96 for the skull but honestly those are very very hard to find anymore so basically you’re kind of going to be stuck with the eight fours it’s a little bit of a cons this thing take stick batteries it’s really hard to find stick batteries that last a long time to have a lot of a milli amps on them so it’s a little bit of a bummer there that you do have to basically use eight fours unless you find a custom G&G pack for the 96 but battery space is you know it’s limited to the stick type batteries you really can’t house anything else in here and like I said eight fours but otherwise putting the battery in changing the batteries a breeze just got to open this up and slide your thing in want your batteries in click that shut and full your stock over all right now on to some of the features of the gun main feature right here is of course the stock this is a big advantage here in the cqb facility your plants you can be an amazed type game in the urban situation whatever folding stops you can cut around corners pretty easy and also reduces the size of your gun so easier for you to hold now in order to fold the stock is your standard push-button fold stock you just want to push this button and it will fold over now when you fold the stock over it you’re not just going to allow it to get into the side at that point it’s not going to be hooked considering it’s just folded over to the side nothing is hooking it on it’s honestly not that jiggly but if you were to shake it around a bit this would come undone in order to secure it on to the side you have to lift up a bit and it will hook onto a piece on the side of the umg that allows it to be secure and not come off now a little bit of connor if you wanted to take it off you don’t just push you do have to lift up again and it will swing out but overall the stock it doesn’t really have any issues with it doesn’t come undone when you don’t want it to unless you were to accidentally hit the button with your shoulder which would take quite a bit of force to do that the only real thing I can think with the stock that will be a cons you do to lift it up in order to actually secure it to the side if you just swing it over it wouldn’t be exactly secure another nice feature of the stock is that the gun does have a nice rubber butt on the stock here nice comforts that I put in pushing up against a hard plastic stock the rubber here is not removable I should wear cut it off it’s not one of those work pops off again store stuff in there so it’s just a normal rubber button just up the folding stock honestly quite an advantage concerning the gun designed to be used in CQB you want to have a nice folding stuff so you can go ahead and reduce the size of your weapon the fire selector switch on this gun is ambidextrous a nice advantage as i showed earlier you can shoot an extra so you want to switch hands with a gun it’s nice to have an ambidextrous fire selector switch as you can see right now located on the right side of the gun and also on the left side of the gun now it’s your basic standard fire selector switch your three settings crossed out bullet will be safe trigger can’t be pulled flip it down one notch to hear a click it’s on semi-automatic now if you were to flip it down all the way I are on fully automatic with the many bullets this gun would what have look up a rate of fire would you say that season yes very high for a name for ya it also give you probably a 700 800 rounds per minute maybe up to 850 with that 84 and fire selector switch it is a little tough to move you really got to push it give it some force so I really don’t think be slipping off settings in the game you’re really going to give it some force in order to push it like I said it is constructed of plastic so it’s just plastic going against plastic you’re not going to have any wear and tear from their fire slaves which ambidextrous is nice considering gun can be switched hands and it’s a lot easier to have that ambidextrous fire selection switch and also the trigger is a very very large tree or so easy pool unlike most a case and force have a smaller trigger so it’s even better in the field yeah and it’s got a big trigger on there so you work playing with big gloves in the winter you can easily slip in Finkley man all right now another main feature that umg is of course magazine is where your beanies are going to be stored gun takes the ump magazines it’s compatible with the double eagle mags and we’re honestly recommend you purchase them considering the G&G ones are like 35 dollars per high cap and then another you know 24 mid capacity magazine order to eject it simply push your magazine ejection button down here push it forward 90 people simply slip out like so here’s your magazine as you can see very very long unfortunately that’s going to limit what pouches you can use with this gun you got to use umg your p90 mag pouches those are kind of expensive so magazine why is this gun is a little bit on the expensive side if you’re looking to put together a whole load out for it otherwise it’s a nice magazine it’s a standard high cap 500 rounds a magazine holds you should be set if you just wanted to roll with one magazine why did the bottom Phoebe’s will feed through the top your pork at the top to put your feeties in is a little bit small if you were to line your BBS up here you can easily fill it up in a couple minutes feeding issues with the magazine a very handy feeding issues with it now yeah I couldn’t really see it happening the double eagle ones they may be more prone to feeding issues but the G&G one is definitely nice and I mentioned earlier was constructed plastic it’s a very solid hard plastic it’s not going breaking on you if you drop it also has some nice trades on here we’ll zoom in on those here are the trades on the magazine as you can see G&G armament AG hi cap tells you about airsoft says airsoft use only and you know it’s not really a trademark but you got the gene G arment name on there also the bottom of the magazine it says six millimeter auto now when you go to put your magazine back in the gun you want the BB speeding towards the back of the gun so put it in like so till you hear it click gives you a very loud reassuring click let you know your magazine isn’t your gun bb’s are ready to feed and you’re ready to go now one of the guns iron sights your standard iron sights are pretty accurate to the gun of course you do have a nice top rail up here for any optic and recommend a nice low-profile site up there for cqb settings rear sight is adjustable as you can see you gotta open hole aperture right here if you were to flip this down you have kind of a I’m not sure the exact name of the aperture but it’s sort of a half kind of looks like a pyramid site on pistol with a slit in the middle and once you select it either aperture you will wind up at the front sight that is basically just your normal housing with the front sight post inside but you line your rear sight up with and at that point take aim and fire so iron sights on this gun they’re decent there a cure to the gun but of course you do have a top rail up there if you were to mount an optic on the gun which we do off and mount optics on this thing and it looks a lot better with the optic Hornet now located also on the front of the gun is your charging handle you can pull this back like so and push it upward into this bolt catch here push it up with like so and it will reveal your hop-up you know what you can adjust merely using your finger just to pop up on the gun is honestly very nice unit it’s done well this gun is very very accurate and once you have taken a look at your hop-up adjusted it simply push this down and it will release forward with a very loud snap now one of the main things i like about the umg you can customize it all you want we already talked about the top rail up here amount a nice optical in there and then you got your rails up front like we said it will include two side rails which you know they give you a customization ops and put laser flashlight on there and you do have your bottom round here bottom rail is always cool you can mount you know a foregrip on here or maybe a grenade launcher but unfortunately this sling mount on the front here that’s going to prohibit you from mounting either a grenade launcher or even if worker i’m not sure how to get the foregrip on as i said it’s kind of slanted over here and this sling out kind of change the angle the gun so you can see it it comes down and is where the rail is attached to the gun so if you were to try and put a grenade launcher on there you’re probably going to end up hitting the slim out but i mean you might be able to squeeze the one on there but unfortunately it might now work out due to the sling out so i’m not sure why gng did that but it kind of ruins the whole point of the bottom rail but you will include the two side rails where customisation options and of course rails always mean customization which is always a plus now another cool feature of the umg is very nice trades on the body from G&G armament as you can see the first one there says gng umg and right behind that is gng arment uh you know they’re not really gun manufacturer trades for real firearms but they’re from the airsoft manufacturer only honestly look very very nice on the gun alright so that’s going to cover all the features of the G&G um Jace we’re going to go ahead and get to the final conclusion of this review now what they could did forget to mention the scub does come stock with a tight bore barrel already in it which as I mentioned earlier great accuracy out of this gun right at when you pull it out of the box now features wise you’re getting a very nice gun as well as construction wise like I said constructed of a lot of Palmer on here but it’s a very very light gun even with a fully loaded magazine you’re capable of holding this very versatile and just a lightweight a pro if you’re going to be using this in CQB which it is so you can be ready firing around 330 feet per second out of the box another nice feature for CQB is of course you’re folding stock wanted to reduce the size your gun make it a bit more versatile can fold the stock over like so and when the stock is folded you reveal your battery compartment which as I mentioned is a little bit of tight very tight space you can only take stick batteries and unfortunately only eight point 4 volts tick batteries unless you were able to find the G&G umg 96 custom battery which honestly I don’t even know where you can find that anymore it’s so rare moving onward the magazine of the gun as i mentioned to paddle with umg magazines which are really hard to find pouches work pouches are going to cost you a lot cuz you gotta buy special pouches i believe a pouch that holds one mag is like $13 so it’s not going to be cheap especially if you’re planning to buy other GMG umg mags for the gun those are up to you know $35 so double eagle magazines are compatible and then go ahead and use them in here holds 500 rounds no feeding issues it’s a very durable magazine structure a very solid plastic selector switches ambidextrous nice feature especially for cqb or if you’re planning to switch hands we’re using it you’re an ambidextrous shooter your standard setting safety semi and full auto decent rated by these are made of fire with full around an 800 850 range customisation on the gun great plus you got your bottom rail down here which may be hindered putting things on due to the slim out over taking it so you really can’t put anything on there it’s difficult to get things on and this might interfere if you plan to put a grenade launcher on will come with two side rails you can put them on if you want to otherwise they are removable top rail here put an optic on it and you know customize your connolly you want increase your aiming abilities instead of using the guns iron sights which are decent frankly I look I like the look of the gun with an optic on it as opposed to just without the iron sights charging handle can be pulled back and hooked up in this bolt caps you can work on your hop-up a lot easier and like i said the Barrows threaten if you want to put a silencer on internals or G&G armament it’s a very high quality gun this is a nice gun this is honestly probably one of the best umps on the market it’s definitely a nice one if you’re interested looking for a UMP looking for a good cqb gun if you can find this um gee I’d highly recommend this great for CQB right out of the box and there you have it this has been deaf career softs review of the G&G armament um gee


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