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G&G Mp5 A4 Blowback Airsoft Review

G&G Mp5 A4 Blowback Airsoft Review

has a builder a a Alex here and I’m doing a review on the GG mp5 blowback now it is called the GMG mp5 go back because it has a blue glow back system as you can see the other side of the gun this thing this thing comes back every single time you fire a shot this is a very good close-quarter gun 360 FPS it runs on a 9.

6 volt battery which is located in the stock here we got it on for 245 dollars on fire sauce we also read it on 8 out of 10 because it has a very good acquire materials that make up this gun or nylon fiber metal and plastic for starters this clip is metal and hold 200 rounds put in the bb’s here can you wind it next time s metal the site the trigger and the barrel there are two swings on the other side here they’re both metal as well I never for what’s made up of nylons nylon fiber the stock handguard yo handguard soft and the handle alright we’ve got three modes safe semi and fully automatics and to adjust the hop-up some of you may be wondering you pull this back this and you just your hop up here all right now are you sure okay we’ve got a target set up at 15 feet brian is just going to shoot with the md5 now and hit the target it’s a cereal box I’m not cheerio boggs with a nice printed target on now fully auto as you can see is just tearing the crap all right this next distance is 53 feet all right let’s go through the damage all right elder have some party nice shooting basically all the way through the middle really close to it anyway a lot of the babies inside and some are just scattered around but none went through the other side all right this has been a a builder if it would be awesome if you guys could subscribe and leave comments thanks


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