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G&G M1 Garand 6mm Airsoft Review

G&G M1 Garand 6mm Airsoft Review

all right it’s just a quick video on my m1 garand there’s a couple of videos on youtube but none of them are they’re also trying to sell the gun rather than there is a French one but it’s in French there’s no subtitles in English so it’s worth a watch but you have no idea what for the same so I got this from zero 1s off toilet in the UK I also get some bobs in nice nice glossy magazine style instruction booklet very detailed very good it’s not bad it’s not bad G&G calendar of guns catalogue you also get you also get 20 round magazine something to note it holds 20 rounds but it does not shoot to 20 rounds it will only shoot 15 to 16 some people have got 17 but you will end up with three or four that will fall out so you’re already small 20 round magazine is now actually a 16 round magazine I have only ever shot 15 I don’t know if I’ve got things have got wearing a little bit but I always lose 5 BBS when I when I reload so that’s something to note over the ICS one and also if you don’t get the magazine perfect it does not go in it is very finicky it’s not a quick if you’re being shot out on your behind a tree or or a barrier you’re trying to do a quick reload to get back out there ain’t going to happen with this you have to physically look where you’re putting it in you’ve got to get it at the right angle if it’s at the wrong angle this bit doesn’t engage properly doesn’t feed the bb’s then it falls out because you don’t put it in properly it’s difficult slowly getting the hang of it but it is something that you’ll have to get used to it’s not a simple pushing and click you’ve got to sort of put it in yeah so that’s that’s pretty much it bother missing the gun that’s what you get in the package this is this is a reproduction m1 garand carry case does what it says on the tin really it’s got a scrap on the back of just of all its saw yes sort of that World War 2 era feel smell you know what that smells like it’s quite nice there’s a leather on it’s not bad it’s not bad that’s a beautiful finish on the gun really nice finish a lot better than some other ICS ones I’ve seen it’s a real dark with dark sort of movie looking so feel to it quite good does it does look good is heavy about four half kilos this is how easy the magazine pops out you just touch it and it falls out I don’t know if that’s just mine but I’m worried about knocking that in a game but we’ll see how that goes sling not included again this is a reproduction authentic reproduction so does beefy and one garand clip with some deactivated rounds I’ve got tied it up a little bit I’ve literally only just done it yeah just on there for sort of shits and giggles really as impractical as it is battery space talk to you about back to space there’s a hop up if you want on the box I’m assuming you’ve watched other videos so I’m just skipping over bits and bobs one thing to note this part here as you can hear still wobbles up I’m in the process of even in that out but it was horrific it was really horrific when I got up put some masking tape on the inside to try and pad it out a little bit you have to see about something else because there’s quite a lot of layers on there but it’s still wobbling um I’ve heard it’s common so watch out for that you’re gonna have to shim there or something very nice very nice action yes general generally I’m not very nice gun I was on the website it said it was shooting 325 feet per second however on a point to I have not managed to get it above 300 so I don’t know it’s consistent as you’ll see in a minute when we chrono it but I don’t know if that’s just me or if maybe they’ve been sold the Japanese the Japanese ones for maybe for the Japanese market because they’ve got V sub 300 some of their guns so it might be that I’ve just unfortunately got one of them but yeah it’s not bad otherwise battery space quite limited it is literally that hole there I’m a Deans guy so I’ve got Dean’s wide up there it was supposed to take one of these albeit in the manual it’s a stick battery this is not stick batteries as you know but I mean it gets sort of there and then that’s it it does not go any further than that um if I’m you know how to pulling this out pulling that in it just doesn’t it just stops there is days is it so one of them probably not however this is a 7.

4 1,500 lipo straighten straighten practice disappear so no problem with her that’s what I use for my honey badger yes yeah I’ll call it on a badger [ __ ] it again 1307 point fours stick tight straight in no problems this one I use for my gk 5 see this is a 2600 7.

4 it’s quite thick as you can see it does go in bit with me boss straight in loads of room great so lipo wise you’re laughing the other batteries you may have to you may have to convert maybe just get that maybe sticks will fit I don’t know yes Dover forgive me on that nice click quite solid it’s not right Lee let’s do a quick do a quick magazine attempt surely see if we can get one in first time these both of you alright so I’ve had a lot of practice it does just call out it’s weird it’s so hard to get in and look there I mean if you try and put it and I try and put it in like that if they’d stopped and put it in square it stops you’ve really got there’s a point and say this that’s not working for you and that’s what you that’s what you sort of end up with things like that you get gagged gap just gonna you’ll find out and push it and yes it’s quite awkward trying to do it quickly it just doesn’t you just get it yes I’m hoping opening kitties here no I use it so that’s the magazine tricky tricky leg I’m just [ __ ] who knows I probably have just [ __ ] but adjustable elevation windage usual source stuff yeah so I’m going to quickly take this apart just to show that it is fairly easy I got to watch the French there’s a if you scroll through that if you type in Jin geo on ground and scroll through there’s a bunch of French guys are doing it although it’s all in French if you watch carefully you can pretty much get away with how they take now apart because I’m lazy like that I like to watch other people do it and then copy them so you want to undo this bit fast need a mammoth screwdriver of some sort come on man just pops out you want to push this bit here and do that I’ll spin around around around around one comes off now you pretty much remove this bit so just pull it off now you can take this bit off just slides off and there’s this bit here it comes off pull that all the way along and the bit that I packed out little bit fiddly to get off as you can see there’s all the masking tape I’ve tried to pack it out with it’s not great masking tape I’m going to admit you I probably will get slated for it but okay it works for me you can’t see it wait yet to work for me but you know I mean that’s pretty much down to there and then what you’re going to need to do now this is not your standard I’ve owned a w/e m14 before and I just ripped that down and in a way it comes with this you’ve got to push it back a bit and then pull it down otherwise it will not come out he says and then conduit hugger how’s the trigger pop and then this just falls away you just sort put it up in this over diagonally motion and that’s that that’s what you’re looking at this force what’s in the back side oh no that is some sort of fuse boldly use or I’m upset can’t remember there’s a fuse hmm nothing special not going to take it apart anymore it’s working at the moment I don’t wanna break it but that’s how to get to all of that especially if you if you wanted to change your connections to things and that’s a good you know it’s easy to easier to take it out you can strip the plastic off and all that sort of stuff but tidy that up anything that’s a bit yet I’ll do that in a minute and then to put it back just a reverse mister trigger and the wobbly the wobbly wobbly clicks on a bit can’t remember which way this goes okay last time and number the right way would be bad idea yeah you were and no bit I’m gonna get this the right way asking nicely types that should mean less steady yes and then you screw that back on these is a well that pot anyway so quickly load up one of these I’m using this is what I’m going to be shooting or shoot your load without using their they were right they’re not awesome tournament great stuff I don’t know you knows whatever they just point tubes for what I play then you can spend a lot of money on BBS so eight ten quid for five thousand I’ll do they’re actually pretty good they’re pretty accurate they work really well in my um my amoeba 13 or honey badgers it will probably be known as that’s that’s been upgraded slightly so it does shoot although but it’s they’re actually quite accurate to be fair let’s get this put this and moons down linear and this one ended second let’s get the battery hooked up is the battery charged yes it is move this over here are you see that can we see that just about just about all right we’ll try that that’s not gonna work because that I’m gonna and I’m shooting the [ __ ] fun huh Jesus does zombie Jesus don’t usually feel why in fact I’ve never filmed anything so I literally have my phone as a form of recording and so I apologies for that I don’t do these YouTube stuff I actually work for a living saucer 3:15 that’s not bad it’s a start 3/8 so there’s a little bit over the place that under one is what was consistent at 395 295 and renji and well when I say empty Oh three three Phil there’s one there’s one trapped in there cheeky little bastard in there so that’s four that fell out so so I shot 16 out of the 20 round mag so yes that’s a little bit disappointing we’re very disappointing those quite angry with that thought it was broken but or 40 marbles on oh yeah sorry averages 3/5 305 sorry things like that it’s not fine it’s as weighty it’s at four four and a half kgs sighs it’s quite weighty yeah I’m tightening that up a little bit dad if the sling was just a little bit too thick you might have seen in some films this is threaded through here in a sort of a sideways motion but this is just ridiculously thick so a little bit of a shame but a little bit of a tidy up I mean it’s not gonna be perfect but you know she happens um you want if you’re thinking about it I mean it is a is lovely wood it is very easy very very nice looking gun I must admit some trait on the back if you want trades on the back yeah Oh Bob’s pretty easy to adjust it’s right there this does not look back in case you think it does it doesn’t be if you if you’re looking for its Ling’s reproduction in anything like that check out these guys sod your fortune they’re pretty good dark I remember and I signed up in 20 minutes but I can’t remember if I showed you but they do a lot a lot of the weight of days supply a lot of the reenactment guys and people like the NSA special on shows for NASA jumpsuit bits and bobs fake grenades and see for a pretty good they do yeah I know who this 10x replica guns are but they do a lot of them I don’t think they shoot anything I think they’re just real action but they don’t shoot car I don’t know you have to check them out but they they’re pretty good also zero one there they’re pretty good and I use other people but for this rifle and one of them are the few people that were stocking them at the time so ah that’s just a just am 700 me but we can’t see it very well it’s not very good so yeah so let’s go take this outside see what we can shoot with it you


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