Home Airsoft Reviews G&G GR4 G26 Femme Fatale Airsoft Review – Pink Softair Test

G&G GR4 G26 Femme Fatale Airsoft Review – Pink Softair Test

G&G GR4 G26 Femme Fatale Airsoft Review – Pink Softair Test

You want to be someone special and you want to know for what this thing is usefull? Stay tuned but first of all – Intro! Hello together – Friday – GSP Airsoft. Today we got a gun by G&G but any normal gun but a gun which definitaly stands out out the crowd.

This is the GR4 G26 Femme Fatale. This gun isn’t like any other gun. Why? Obviously the colour is killing it with it’s bright pink tone. But how good is the gun? We will get a closer look on it right now.

Let’s get startet witht the technical details. We got a length of 700 to 780mm if we extend the stock completely. The gun got plastic parts aswell as metal parts as you know from the most airsoftguns.

So what is so special about this gun? The gun has a G&G style stock and a very bright pinky paint on the buffertube slingmount, charginghandle, fireselector and the front parts aswell as the flash hider are painted pink.

Moving towards on the gun we got a G&G style handguard and an included G&G high cappcity magazine Enough with the pinkies. Let’s get a closer look at the magazine. The magazine is unfortunaley a highcap but still I like it pretty good.

Why? Because it’s very catchy with its rubber coating. It holds around 300 BBs and got a pretty decent G&G style with their logos and stuff. Let’s test its compatibility with different magazine manufacturer.

Let’s start with G&P. Works perfect. Going on with PMAGS. Works aswell. And now the special stuff by G&G. A magazine in pink. Works perfect aswell of course. The pink magazine is kept pretty simple with its metal body and its “5.

56 x 45″ markings. Matching to the rest of the gun we got not pink but rose coloured BBs in 0.20g. But we recommend 0,25 to 0,28g BBs because of its power. With these the gun works perfect Let’s get a detailed look at the markings.

On the very nice designed stock we got an engraved G&G logo. As already mentioned we got very bright and flat pink paint on it. On the right side we don’t got anything special but the engraved markings “auto, safe” and “semi” so let’s check the left side.

On the left side we got a pretty decent G&G logo, the fireselector of course a serial number and the F in its pentagon (german law). The handguard is very catchy aswell as you know it from G&G. On top we got a almost completely 22mm rail for your attachments for example a sight.

What do we got at the internals? – First things first. How does the hop up work? As you know it from almost every other gun you need to pull back the charging handle and there you see the green and adjustable hop up unit.

Pretty easy. G&G installed a 6,04mm tuning innerbarrel and steel gears and steel bearings so with a low price of 250€ you’re good to go. Let’s go on with the results. We got a very short CQB M4 with a very good processing as we are used to by G&G and their guns.

And we saw it in the fireing test the gun got a spread buy just 17cm 17cm on a distance of 35m and all that for just 250€. From our side there a no negative aspects but the battery case is a little bit tricky to open but I will demonstrate it to you.

All you need to do is pull this very pinky button and open the upper part of the battery case. This is the battery case. In my opinion it could be a little bit tight to put in a few batteries but the known tripple stick batteries will fit in there perfectly.

Who every wants to get a little more colour into airsoft and wants to benefiting your wallet should definitely take this special gun by G&G. We couldn’t find any negative aspects on this gun gun and the testfireing was great too so we highly recommend this gun.

That’s it for the review and thanks for watching – Friday – GSP Airsoft. And THIS awkward thingy is still a silencer. 😉 You want to show some balls on the battlefield and you question your self what this thing good is? Stay tuned.

This is no f*cking charginghandle, man.


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